Dog not Cute enough

Sep 14, 2007
Yesterday I was at work and these two girls both were walking their French Bull Dogs. Both were fawn colored. I spoke to the girls because I have an FB too. Anyway, one of the owners kept saying to the other "where did you get yours from? She is so cute! you think mine will look like yours in a few months?" "We keep waiting for him to get cute". She looked at her dog as if she would trade him in for a better model or something. Made me so sad.
Not sure why I'm posting this but maybe because I"m a dog mom and think all dog moms should think their dogs are adorable.


Sep 14, 2007
i <3 ny
without judging me ladies....

i thought the same thing about my frenchie. well maybe not that he wasnt cute enough, but more that "i cant wait for him to get cutter!" when we got him he was really really little, and his eyes were kinda far apart. i wouldnt have traded him for anything in the world obviously, and i love him to pieces. now he is beyooooond adorable and his eyes settled lol.

i kind of rambled but my point is maybe thats what she meant by it?


Sep 14, 2006
I wonder why this girl got that dog in the first place? I suppose for its fancy breed, nothing else. I feel bad for the doggy.
Sep 14, 2007
ahha love the posts!! Thanks :P I'm sensitive because I feel that even if I had an ugly duckling he wouldn't be ugly to me. Love my baby dog!
Nov 30, 2008
Under a Palm Tree
No offense to the younger girls, but were the girls that were walking their frenchies young? It appears to me that the younger ones many times look at their dogs as fashion accessories rather than a beautiful, loving animal.

Just like all kids are beautiful to their parents, all animals should be beautiful to their owners. :smile:


Aug 5, 2007
I wonder what she'll say if she has children? Sometimes you love a dog because they are homely they are cute!