Dog Lovers!

  1. I found this website by accident. I have a Shih Tzu and this website has the cutest stuff

    happypug and other pug owners - check out their stuff for pugs, hilarious! :lol:
  2. Funny. I have Golden Retrievers... So 'Obey the Golden Retriever' T-shirts are pretty hilarious! Thanks for sharing the website with fellow dog lovers!
  3. Thank you for the great site; I am such a sucker for dog or cat stuff that I ordered a coffee mug and a sticker from the Labrador Retriever section, I have 2 labs.

    Great site for dog lovers. :biggrin:
  4. I am so tempted to get a coffee mug and magnet too! Glad to share ...
  5. hehehe! thats a great site - will totally let my friend know - shes got a pug! hehehe!!!
  6. OMG! I have a Pug, and the Pug stuff is SO cute!! I love the "Obey the Pug" t-shirt & the "Call Me Big Poppa" t-shirt. LOLOLOLOL! Thanks for the link, I may have to order some of the t-shirts for my Pug. ;)

    Speaking of Pug's, here is my baby (sorry, can't help myself)...

  7. Haha "Obey the shih-tzu"....My lucy-baby would agree!
  8. oops
  9. LOVE your Pug Citygirl9!!!
  10. Thank you Goldensx5!!! :biggrin:
    He thanks you too as he is sitting on my lap while I type this. ;)
  11. Your pug is so cute! I'd get a pug too, except my Shih Tzu would probably plot to kill the little puppy. My dog sits on my lap too when I work in front of the computer. Oh ... ...
  12. Ohhh!! TravelBug.. You may have luck with them getting along. One of my Pugs best friends is a Shih Tzu and they get along just fine. You never know! ;)
  13. I have a Shiba Inu...he is like the most amazing dog..I was actually just looking at a pug puppy yesterday...My little guy is 10 years old and needs a brother!!!!