Dog Lovers, don't forget - Westminster Starts Tonight!

  1. I've had this on my calendar for weeks! I was so mad at myself last year because I forgot about it and missed the first night! So dog lovers, don't forget...the Westminster Show starts tonight at 8 p.m. ET on USA Network and then switching to CNBC at 9 p.m. ET.

    Monday's judging includes the hound, terrier, non-sporting and herding groups. Tuesday's judging includes the sporting, working, toy and of course, BEST IN SHOW! :tup:
  2. Thanks for the reminder! My pugs and I love watching dog shows.
  3. Yes, I can't wait! All the dogs are soooo cute. It's on tonight from 8 to 9 and tomorrow night from 8 to 11. I'm going to Tivo it so I can watch Prisonbreak tonight and watch the doggies over and over again.
  4. I love watching all the pretty dogs but it puts me right to sleep.

    I actually fell asleep last night watching the AKC Agility Invitationals. My sport, I obsess over agility. Sad, I know many of the dogs and handlers and I couldn't stay up past 11:30.
  5. waahhoooo the aussie won group!!!!
  6. I watched at the gym. I love seeing all those breeds you don't see everyday. The basset hound was a cutie~! Best I've seen in years!
  7. I am so irritated. The sporting is on tonight...and I have to attend a MANDATORY drill team meeting with my daughter! Doesn't the directory have a life? Oh well, at least the kids (dog kids) can watch!
  8. *sigh* I wish they showed it here! I LOVE watching!
  9. The working group is today .... I can't wait to cheer on the boxer! :yahoo:
  10. ^!!! Me too!! That's the only reason I watch it!
  11. I just swoon when the Boxer is on...I'm glad I'm not the only one!!! :nuts:
  12. Uno the beagle rocks! Me and my beagles are rooting for him tonight. :dothewave:
  13. Go pugs!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  14. Go Uno the beagle! On to Best in Show!!!
  15. Since my Cocker Spaniel only took 3rd, so far I'm cheering for Uno too! I also like the Sealyham Terrier.

    What a fun show this is!!:tup: