Dog Lovers: Don't Feed Them This!

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  1. I'm sure by now that most of you dog lovers out there know not to feed your pooch chocolate. But did you know that onions, broccoli, and raisins/grapes (even in small doses) can also be fatal? I didn't, but I'm sure glad I know now!
  2. yep! years ago i was at my friends house and they gave their dog an onion and i was like, "wait! you're not supposed to feed dogs that" and apparently they did it all the time and knew that it was supposed to be bad. so i was a little confused but i guess every dog is different?
  3. oh no.....i think i've fed my dog all of those things at one time or another :sad2:
  4. Also steer clear of Diamond brand dog foods.. they've been known to cause canine death !!!

    More info at:
  5. I know choclate, raisins and onion are fatal to dogs, nuts are not good for them either especially macadamia. But I didn't know broccoli too, are you sure? My puppy loves broccoli (and cabbage and lettuce). He doesn't get any human food except veggie.
  6. Stay away from those greenies as well!! You know those green colored waxy toothbrush/bone looking things? I've gone to a site where they say many dogs somehow swallow the whole thing and have died!
  7. Yeah we found out the hard way with Nickelodeaon ( our dog )
    My Husband had baked a batch of chocolate fudge with macadamia nuts for xmas gifts a couple of years ago and Nicky some how had got into the boxes in the spare room, where they were being stored.
    Cut a long story short.
    she started vomiting alot
    Well !!! of to the vet we went, and she is thankfully doing great !
  8. Hmmmm...that's interesting, who would think fruits and vegetables could hurt a dog. I always hear how you were never supposed to feed you dog chocolate. I wonder what they base these things on?

    My uncles dog ate a whole box of skor bars (i think they are similar to the heath bar you have in the US) and it didn't bother her one little bit. The dog we had growing up ate a whole tray of those foil covered easter eggs when he was a puppy (with the foil on them) and it didn't seem to bother him either.
  9. From what I've read, chocolate is bad for pretty much any animal... However, many years ago my mother had a macaw that just loved peanut M&Ms (he didn't get them very often). It never got sick.
  10. Some dogs react to chocolate, which can be fatal. Others are just fine. I think it has something to do with metabolism? I'm always really careful with chocolate around my babies, who will eat anything off the floor or a reachable tabletop. I didn't know about nuts, however. My youngest had gotten a few almonds when they've dropped. I won't let that happen again!
  11. I have a mini chocolate poodle and came home from dinner to find out that he ate a WHOLE dark chocolate toblerone (sp?)! I freaked out and called a 24 hr vet hotline, and they told me to call poison control. When I called them the guy's voice sounded like 'are you seriously gonna call poison control for a dog!' Anyways he told me it depends on the grade of chocolate/how much swallowed, and since it was just a toblerone bar it would be ok. THANKFULLY Teddy was ok. :love:
  12. Broccoli??? One of my dog training books suggests giving you dog a small piece of broccoli as a reward and my dog LOVES it. Guess I'll have to stop.
  13. OMG!! I fed my Malteese raw onion off my burger a couple of nights ago. She is o.k though. THANKS for the info!
  14. Recall has occured, and the problem should be taken care of. Tainted food reached only some specific areas, and concerned only some specific types of food.