Dog licking cuts

  1. So my pooch cut her leg last week on a branch or something, and I know that dogs are supposed to lick their cuts naturally...but my dog is licking it so much that she literally licked the scab off so it's bleeding again...should I wrap a bandage over it so it can heal, or just let her do her thing? She didn't lick it all yesterday so a good scab was over it and she literally just licked the whole thing completely off. What would you do? Thanks =)
  2. My last baby had a sore on her leg she kept chewing on and making worse once. Bandaging it didn't help because she'd just chew off the bandage. But the vet gave me this ointment to put on that she HATED the taste of. So I'd put that on a couple of times a day and she wouldn't chew because she didn't like how it tasted.
  3. That's a really good idea, thanks!
  4. Our dog cut her paw and she licked it so much it opened more.

    We took her to the vet, but she ate the bandage off - so we re-bandaged it, and put a sock over her paw, and taped the top. She couldn't get it off and it healed in about a week.

    Good luck! Hope your pooch heals well!
  5. You can also get a cone collar at petsmart., they are a PITA but they work.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Try the ointment idea. If that doesn't work, try getting the E-collar from Petsmart...I believe that they make softer ones now that are alot more comfy for the dog to wear. :smile: