Dog Insurance anyone?

  1. Do most of you carry pet insurance? is it worth it? If so which company are you with?

    I appreciate any advice I can get!

  2. I have VPI for my dogs and I love it!
  3. Is it way more expensive to buy insurance for grown pets rather than puppies?
  4. VPI here too!!! I think the insurance is more worth it for puppies than it is for grown dogs, unless u have those small fragile ones. Puppies usually have more issues, they break their bones more easily...more curious. Its the same price...but i find that as the dog gets older (and bigger) there less medical problems.
  5. I have two chihuahuas and a cat. I had insurance on them for 2 years before canceling. Was not worth it as I never used it.
  6. I've had insurance this year for my animals, and I now have to pay for it. Literally! We got the more expanded coverage and now have to pay $300 for each animal soon. We still believe in insurance (seen to many accidents) but we now want to look for a plan where we pay $30 a month for all of them.
  7. I just enrolled the puppy in vpi.

    Before that with my last dog we lived by a banfield (inside petsmart) and used their healthcare plan. saved me like $3000 the last few years I had her and her health started to decline.
  8. i had petcare. now i have VPI because we get group's discount from DH's work. i think they are comparable. we never have to use it for anything major (thank god). just routine shots and stuff......
  9. I have VPI for my dog.
  10. I have VPI for my kitty, and it's not that much money a month, for us personally, it's about $24/month. You can pay yearly or you can have them deduct that amount each month from a credit card or a checking/savings account. And this 24/month includes VPI superior plan which covers a lot of things, plus it covers regular visits/shots/teeth cleaning, the usual. I highly recommend it, it does give you peace of mind.