Dog in Coach Outlet Store

  1. I don't mean to stir up any drama, but when I was in the Coach outlet on Sunday, there was a woman with a dog on a leash. The dog was walking around the store with her.

    Now, I understand that people love their dogs and some people buy Coach accessories for their pets. I think that is great. But in the past, there was always either an explicit or implied rule about no pets in retail stores.

    Aside from ill-behaved pets (this one was not) potentially damaging product or displays, there are some people (myself included) who are quite allergic to dogs. I had never thought to bring my allergy meds to go shopping, but I guess if this trend continues I will have to!

    As much as you may love your pet(s), do you think that they ought to be allowed in Coach stores? In retail stores in general?
  2. I think unless it's a service dog, NO pets should be allowed in retail stores.

    Some CHILDREN shouldn't be allowed in retail stores.....haha.
  3. I have a chihuahua and bring her everywhere with me. She always goes to the mall, Louis Vuitton, Nordstroms, ect. with out a problem. Not once has somesome come up to me and ask me to leave due to my dog.

    This weekend we went into my local Coach store w/o a problem. SA came up to pet her along with a few customers. Now my dog is only 4 pounds so that is why I feel its ok to bring her retail shopping with me. Now if someone was shopping with a big dog then it might not be a good idea. Usually with big dogs, I see the owners tie them up right outside the store.
  4. I have mixed feelings about this subject. I have and love my dogs, but as a nurse and compationate person I understand that not everyone will feel the same way about them as I do. I however have been in a situation while shopping that required me to bring my Annie (doxy) to a store with me. I had to stop while traveling (alone w/Annie) to get a cell phone charger for the car. (I had forgotten to pack mine). I had no choice but to take her in with me, I did ask, (kind of at the door). Now for the best part, I stopped at the Outlet Mall in San Marcus and as difficult as it was I resisted going into the Coach store.

    I have read that in Europe dogs are allowed everywhere, even in fine restaurants.
  5. Pets do not belong in stores. JMHO.
  6. Yes thats true in Europe does can go everywhere, they can even ride the bus with you. I think its GREAT.
  7. I have a very large 100 pound shepherd, so it wouldn't really be appropriate for me to bring my dog into Coach. :smile: When he was smaller we used to bring him into Home Depot with us, but he was alot smaller. I dont have an issue with people bringing small dogs into places...usually they are carried and don't pose any threat to the merchandise.
  8. I agree and I agree. :p
  9. Unless it's a service dog or a tiny one you can carry, I don't like seeing dogs in stores. Unfortunately I am somewhat afraid of dogs...I wish I wasn't.

    If it explicity says no animals allowed but service animals and the customer blatantly ignores this then they should be asked to leave pronto. I have no tolerance for people who think posted rules don't apply to them. one loves your dog as much as you do, LOL.

  10. Glad you did, I was afraid too.:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I don't have a dog, I have a cat, but someday I'd love to get a small dog. When that happens, the dog will not be going with me into any stores. I feel it's too big a liability for both the store, and the pet owner. As sweet as your pet may be with you, you never know when it may bite someone else, or someone may trip over it or it's leash, etc.

    I love my cat, but my cat doesn't go shopping with me or to run errands.
  12. As a pet owner, I completely understand that No One is going to love or care for my pet as much as I do. I wouldn't want to push them on anyone, ever. And Stophle is right, the liability....well I wouldn't want to be in that position.The circumstances I mentioned (above) I had no other option. It was 100+ outside (couldn't leave her in the car), and the cell phone was dying and the weather was getting bad, Texas-Stormy. With about 100 miles more to go, I wanted to be able to call for help if I needed too. Besides the very rare occassion that I take her to Petco with me she does not shop with me. (Now, she does like nosing around the bags when I get home, just might be something for her. LOL):roflmfao:
  13. If your dog isn't a service animal, it doesn't belong.

    I don't care how big or small, there's a reason why no animals are supposed to be in stores.

    Even if you're sneaking it in, you're disrespecting the other customers and SAs by showing that you believe that the rules don't apply to you. It's a health code violation many places, as well as a comfort and safety issue.

    This is an issue I feel very strongly about because it has come up at my workplace.
  14. I have 35 pound Rottweiler puppy who just turned 3 months last week Thursday:smile: now he's going to get big, (probably as big as our very first Rottie who passed away last summer:cry::sad:...)but anyway, I would only bring a dog in the store if he was infact a service dog...I think about sanitary reasons and people who are allergic to dogs..even if we were allowed to bring dogs in places I don't think I could bring Caesar in with me, he's bad as hell:devil: and would be jumping up on everything and everybody, knocking stuff down everywhere:lol: and will probably sprint out the store with something in his mouth that I would end up having to pay for! LOL
  15. i was at a restaurant, and the woman let her chihuahua out of it's carrier to eat off the table and then roam around. it grossed me out. this was at a decent restaurant, i don't think the staff realized she had her dog with her until it was on the table.

    i have a dog, she doesn't belong on the table.