Dog Help

  1. When I start working, my parents want to get me a dog. I'll pay for the food and grooming, and they'll pay for the dog and the vet bills.

    The only stipulation to that is the dog must need at least a half hour of exercise.

    I was thinking about either a Yorkie or a Maltese. (I want a small dog, because I live in an apartment, and I want one that gets along with cats.)

    For those of you who have either, how much exercise do they really need?
  2. This is totally wrong, I do not agree at all with you getting a dog if you are out working. Keeping a dog alone in an apartment all day with no company and no stimulation is really not right. Dogs are not like cats, although even cats need company, but not like dogs and taking a dog for half an hour walk a day is not good either.
    This is where problems start occurring, with them destroying things because they are bored.
    I am sorry but get very annoyed when people think its OK to get a dog and leave it alone, and taking it out only for half an hour is wrong also.
  3. I have to agree that leaving a dog alone for 8 or 9 hours a day is not a good idea. I have always worked and we have have two dogs. I would suggest crate training if you will have to leave your puppy alone for any length of time. This will keep him from destroying your apartment and will also give him a safe place. I have a maltese mix and he is a very active little guy. I work from home now and as long as he gets an hour or so outside he will sleep for another 3-4. If you can walk him and play with him in the morning and then mid day and in the evening he will be fine. My little guy is a great companion and is very protective. He is really friendly unless he thinks that somebody is threatening me and then he barks as if he and his 6lbs could do something about it. I think that a Maltese is a choice. Yorkies are really cute but they are sometimes very nervous and can take up to two years to house train. Good luck with your new puppy and post pics when you can.
  4. Dogs are a big commitment. They need a lot more attention than cats. However, I know people who have kept small CRATE-TRAINED dogs in apartments without any apparent ill effects. My sister was one--but she would go home on her lunch break to walk her dog, as well as walking him before and after work. And she loved this lttle dog sooo much and babied him and coddled him so that I believe the time he had to spend alone was more than offset by the attention he got when they were together. She took him everywhere with her! He was a Jack Russell BTW which are normally very hyper dogs though her Archie was pretty mellow. Now I am rambling. My point is, it can be done, but never think that 30 minutes a day of your attention will be anywhere close to adequate.
  5. I am afraid I do not agree, yes it can be done to crate-train but why should a dog spend best part of his life in a crate. Dogs should not have to live in cages nearly all day what sort of life is that. I wonder sometimes what a human would be like stuck in a cage day in day out.

    I have to say I think its irresponsible for anyone one knowing they are going to be out working all day to get a dog.
  6. I agree with this statement:yes: I have a Westie and we arrange our work-life around her to ensure that she is not left alone for too long ...we thought for a long time before deciding to get our baby and how it would impact on our lifestyle.
  7. Same here, we work our work and lifestyles to accomodate the needs of my 3 dogs and 8 other animals. Dogs should not be kept confined to a small space all by themselves all day. Yorkies and Malteses are terrier breeds and require more attention than most other breeds. Consider the pros and cons carefully prior to committing to a dog. Otherwise get a pet-minder in every second day to spend some time exercising him/her.
  8. I truely hope you dont get a dog if your not going to be able to commit way more time to it that it sounds you'll be able to. Even Yorkies and Maltese need lots of attention as with any dog.
  9. I agree 100% with Saich2 to think that anybody could get a dog just because it is small and think that as long as you take it out for a walk for half an hour a day and everything will be OK, this could be classed as mental cruelty. Think again.:sad:
  10. I'm not saying I'd only walk it for a half hour a day and then leave it alone the rest of the time.

    And I didn't mean ONLY a half an hour.

    What I meant to say is that I want to give it the right amount of exercise, but I don't want a dog that needs three hours a day, or one that needs to go out for lots of wind sprints.

    Of course, I plan to spend as much time as I can with the dog.
  11. The thing is if you are out at work then that poor dog is going to be left in an apartment all day, this is not the thing to do, not matter how much you would like a dog, and of course you would spend time with it.....when you are their which will not be a lot as you are working.

    Having Cats is one thing but to even think about getting a dog when you are out so much is just not on. Have you thought about the dog and how he/she would feel being in an apartment all day with nothing to do
  12. the amount of exercise depends on the breed/size of your dog. smaller dogs like the ones you mentioned have higher metabolisms and burn alot of energy. Border Collies for example are larger but are VERY active dogs and require alot of playtime - hence they are great dogs if you have small kids. In addition to making sure they get enough exercise, their diet is extremely important - not too many doggie snacks (carrots are great). My advice is to pick up a copy of the American Kennel Clubs - The Complete Dog Book. Tells you all about the different breeds and what to look for to match your lifestyle with the dog. And yeah, remember dogs are pack animals and do not like to be alone for too long.
    good luck and let us know what you decide!
  13. Bagnshoofetish, that is great advice. Do your research and find a dog that is right for your lifestyle. I don't see any reason why you can't have a dog and work as long as you give it enough time, love and attention. Do keep us posted!

  14. I find it quite amazing that their are people around that still think its OK for someone to have a dog and leave it in an appartment all day. I wonder how you would feel shut up all day in the same place. Yes you would get love and affection in the morning, evening and weekends but is that enough.

    People need to look at a situation from the dogs point of view and not from the point of view of what the owner wants. At the end of the day its whats going to be a brilliant life for your dog, that should be the most important thing and spending your life shut up is no life at all.

    Dogs that have no companionship suffer greatly, you start to get all sorts of problems from distruction to being snappy with people. I have had dogs all my life, been involved in rescue also know about dog behaviour. If you speak to any animal behaviourist regarding this matter they would say it is not a good idea. Plus any breeder that is good would not sell a dog that was going to be left alone all day.
  15. I don't remember saying anything like that in my post. And just because the OP works, why do you assume the dog will be left alone all day? I don't know exactly what her situation will be and have to assume she knows this. She didn't ask for lectures, but wanted advice about dog breeds and thats what I gave her. And for the record, I am a professional animal keeper so I do know a thing or two about animal care. I think we all reiterated that dogs do not like to be alone all day. I think she gets that. Lets move on and not turn this into a debate.