Dog had an accident on the carpet-anything to remove the smell?

  1. My poor dog had an upset tummy yesterday, and had an accident on the carpet of our building lobby. Not to get too graphic, but it was, ahem, a poo related accident.

    I went to work immediately, and removed everything to the point that you can't see anything. There is a small residual smell however...

    Any recommendations for removing this smell? TIA!
  2. Nature's Miracle cures everything!
  3. ^^ Yes, it's good for pet & kid messes pee, throw-up etc. :tup:
  4. Nature's miracle is the absolute best
  5. Thanks everyone-I will try that!
  6. ^^ One more plug here for Nature's Miracle. It's awesome :tup:
  7. I have soaked the area w/ Natures Miracle, and it's definitely helping a lot!

    I still have to pay for the cleaning, but at least this helps till the cleaners arrive-Thank You!
  8. Yeah, Natures miracle is an absolute life saver for pet smells. I'm glad it worked for you.
  9. Is nature's miracle safe for the dog to go on the area after using it? My dog seems to think whatever rug I put in my living room is a toilet.
  10. Yes perfectly safe and it should help prevent your dog from soiling the same spot again because of residual smell.

    I love nature's miracle.
  11. I use white vinegar and it neutralizes the smell pretty quickly.
    Although I will try some of that Nature's Miracle.
  12. another plug for nature miracle, that stuff is great for dog and cat 'stuff'
  13. i love nature's miracle but it gets a little expensive if you have to use it all the time (at least around here....out in the boondocks you have to buy it at mom and pop pet specific stores at a huge mark up) in the first month i had lily we were still getting used to her signals and we had quite a few accidents. i switched to kids 'n' pets which i found at safeway. it works just as well but is quite a bit cheaper.

  14. harharhar, on a side note, I wonder if nature's miracle can work on smelly hubbies???
  15. Nature's Miracle is basically white vinegar. I refuse to pay that much for something I can buy much cheaper and works just as well. I have two older dogs and two cats here, and accidents happen, especially with the big dog. I swear by this.

    When my grandmother was alive and I cared for her here at home (she was incontinent) I washed her sheets and clothes in white vinegar. You would never know I had an incontient woman in the house.