DOG-GONE-IT -- Error in eBay Listing - I THINK NOT!

  1. It's beautiful! Maybe he'll relist? Did you try contacting the seller?
  2. Stupid, stupid, stupid eBay ... I did a search on Balenciaga, and I'm getting all these "ended" listings as well (like the Teal Hobo from BertieBlueBird). What the :censor: ?!?! eBay needs to 'clean-up' and not list items that have ended!
  3. CeeJay- something is up with that listing. That is the third time that bag has been listed. It's up, it's down...craziness:blink: I clicked on it one time & it said "listing is no longer in database" & another time it said something to the effect that Ebay ended the listing & this time says error in the listing. It all happens right after it's listed too. I don't know if the seller is just having computer problems are what but it is interesting to say the least.. I hope they relist (again) it's a gorgeous bag!
  4. Yeah, I just send him a message inquiring as to the status of the bag.
  5. Oh, that is interesting! I wonder if eBay is stopping the auction because it believes the bag to be fake (Vero). I had this happen to me once and it totally pissed me off because MY bag was authentic, yet eBay didn't stop all the fakers!
  6. wow, its a pretty bag CeeJay.. I hope u still get a chance to get it.. good luck.
  7. That happened to me too! I had my Botkier Bianca Satchel listed & VERO ended it "because it was not authentic". I was so :censor: . Of course it was authentic! I wonder what boneheads they have actually patrolling the auctions (& even moreso, WHY they pick on sellers of authentic bags while letting JOE BLOW list 45, $10 fakes from China)
  8. I know ... I sometimes wonder if it's because the scammers are "power sellers", so they make more money for eBay. I had to go through all this hassle in order to sell my Chanel bag, and stinkin' eBay charges me for the listing, pictures, etc. - EVEN THOUGH I had already paid for it before they took it down!! I was B/S!
  9. yeppers, it happened to me too when i tried selling my little citizen watch :sad: was a tank-style & that's what i listed it as "citizen tank-style watch"...e-bay took it down, saying "cartier" has exclusive rights to the word "tank" in reference to the whole watch industry :blink: ...i had absolutely no idea & then looked up other tank watch auctions & saw about a hundred other non-cartier watches using the same made me upset, because it's always the innocent little sellers like us who get picked on...while there are probably hundreds of powersellers selling tons of fake stuff & nothing happens to them :sad:
  10. Yes, Ebay doesn't even check when offering sellers "powerseller" status. It's automatically offered to sellers who maintain a certain "sales quota" each month. I'm a powerseller but I got it the honest way, by buying & selling WAY too many AUTHENTIC designer bags LOL. I don't meet the quota every month & ebay says they can take your powerseller status away but I don't really care. I wasn't concerned about becoming a powerseller in the first place honestly. It means nothing to me as said before, people selling fakes become & maintain their powerseller status that way. It's so wrong & it gives new ebayers a false sense of security. Another way the Ebay system is totally screwed up! Sorry, OT, didn't mean to steal your thread:shame:
  11. I contacted this seller about this bag several days ago. She said that she sold it to her friend before the auction ever started and it never should have been listed in the first place. I don't know why it keeps getting relisted.