dog gone crazy H wallet search Dogon it I love it how about you???

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  1. I have finally found an H wallet I think is just right... I tried out Bearns, Travel wallets, several versions of Dogons in togo and clemence. I sold my Bearn in RS chevre a tad too small, my Vintage Travel wallet in gold Box, older version Dogon GM which I didn't love it was togo and didn't have the extra card areas..and my PM Dogon (too small) I found out I am not a big fan of togo or clemence in a dogon..went through I can't even remember how many other H wallets trying to find one that was perfect for me:hysteric:...Crazy I know..anyone else done this???
    I just snatched up this BJ Dogon in veau Rodeo from and although I wasn't sure about the color :shrugs:(still not sure but love the hide type) now after trying her out for a day and a half I am in love with the style wallet! The Veau Rodeo has more body to it than the Clemence or the Togo and has a lovely scent...Very handy wallet:wlae:! So here she is... Cripes now I am eyeing a more neutral tone in the same Rodeo hide/skin same style Dogon...:rolleyes:
    Anyone else love the Dogon?
    Anyone else gone crazy trying all the wallets out before finding the right one?

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  2. Dogon right! LOVE EM'
  3. Congratulations! What a great wallet! Is it more like a clutch? Enjoy it for many years to come....:flowers:

    docride, I'm feeling like you. I have a Bearn, and I think I need to sell it for the Dogon. I want a stiffer leather, also.
  4. Thank gosh it's not just me!! The veau Rodeo is a bit stiffer if it was veau box I would go nuts or another stiff leather.. I like the vein and grain of this rodeo and it's not overly floppy which I just don't like...Now I'll probaly sell this one for a neutral color... I am eyeballing a faune or noisette? veau Rodeo Gm Dogon now! Yikes! Wish I could find one in Barenia!
    Oh and yes it is clutch like I can ever put in my cell, checkbook, money, bills ,receipts all my cards has seven slots for them!
  5. The Dogon is also my favorite, though I do like togo. :smile: I tried the Bearn and it didn't speak to me at all. Oh well, to each their own. :girlsigh:
  6. docride, Beautiful. Congrats. :smile:
  7. Yes, I'm a big fan of the Dogon. I've had mine for about a year and a half and it still looks brand new, even though I use it every day. It is such a great wallet.
  8. Congrats Doc on finding Your wallet~ It seems as though we go through quite a bit of trial and error to find the right fit per say. I know I have. I am so glad you have found yours my friend~ Enjoy ..what a fab color:heart:
  9. I don't know why, but when I think of Dogon wallets I imagine it in BJ. I think the colour and style suit each other. It's gorgeous!
  10. I love the Dogon. Mine is Togo, but I love it because of the softness of it :heart:
  11. i love the dogon wallet too...mine is in gold togo though.
  12. So glad you found your perfect wallet!! Congrats on a beauty!
  13. The BJ color is working on me..Houston I think we (Don't) have a problem... What an awesome wallet this is I feel organized! Before with the Bearn I was using in addition a change purse and checkbook holder ( because I didn't like to make her look over stuffed)..yikes!
  14. I love the dogon in veau rodeo. It's a bit sleeker looking.
  15. I have 2 dogons, both in togo!

    Love the style of the dogon!!