Dog gets own bedroom -- after $6,000 in upgrades!

  1. Dog gets own bedroom -- after $6,000 in upgrades

    Angelique Soenarie
    The Arizona Republic
    Sept. 1, 2006 03:45 PM
    SCOTTSDALE - Perhaps only in Scottsdale can pets like Ginger be so lucky.

    The cocker spaniel-poodle mix has her master trained well.

    Placed at the center of an assortment of decorative pillows, on a queen-size bed in Ginger's own room, an embroidered pillow reads: Be the person your dog thinks you are.

    Kim OBrien is just that.

    The north Scottsdale dog owner decked out a room in her home in pet-friendly fashion.

    "I have upholstered walls in Ginger's bedroom. We call it Ginger's bedroom because that's where Ginger stays a lot," said OBrien, who spent $6,000 for the upgrade.

    OBrien, who often likes to redecorate her home, had Ginger's room done two years ago.

    "The bedroom used to be painted a black color and I wanted to do something different," she said.

    Set up like a guest room, Ginger's "sleeping area" has silk upholstered walls with deep red and orange stripes.

    Two chairs with jeweled tassels and skirts - one with a dog-bone shaped pillow - are covered in lustrous iridescent fabric.

    The bed is made for people, not dogs.

    "It's a queen-size bed. She sleeps on it during the day because it's close to the garage door," said OBrien, who had a two-sided duvet done in crushed, silk-like polyester with heavy upholstered fabric, sturdy enough for Ginger.


    Too cute! This makes me want to ask: How do you spoil your pets? My doggy has a pillow on every floor of every room, toys all over the place and doggy steps to get in the bed!

  2. omggg...that woman's VERY generous! I've heard of people giving their dogs steak for dinner and jeweled collars etc. but a room is a first!

    My dogs have toys all over the house...they are allowed on furniture and the beds. Dookie sleeps with me every night and I brought him over to Hong Kong from Toronto via Cathay :biggrin:
  3. wow, talk about being generous!
  4. i too have beds all over the house for when he wants to stay on the floor, he has his own armchair, stupidly leather.. didnt realize i would have him when i bought it! lol he has a couple of sweaters.. but only from petco.. img onna get him a little something something from RL though, he has a puffy vest and a little parka, also from pet co but we have some pretty bad winters in new england, and that kind of breed needs something extra to play in the snow. i have this little thing to keep his stuff in. he has his choice pick of the bed, one of those oversized cups for his water, coach collar, going to get a burberry leash, and soon a juicy carrier. theres no point in giving him a room because he shadows me everywhere. and when i have a nicer place to live, a spare room after an office would be a closet for me LOL.. i've only started to indulge in myself now after this forum lol. but my pup makes me feel secure, and i like treating him as well, he's not overly posh, but i think hes pretty content by the way hes sleeping right in the middle of my bed all sprawled out lol.
  5. awww, too cute!! This lady has Paris Hilton beat (but then I doubt Paris really cares about her dogs).
  6. My doxies have a whole house -- they sleep wherever they want. LOL
  7. wow im jelous. lol :P
  8. Lol that is cute, a little excessive to spend $6k remodeling the room for the dog... one of our really good friends had an adorable dog and no children... they gave him the first floor guest suite! Lol, with his own bathroom:PWe thought it was adorable but that was the only time I had ever heard of someone giving a pet their own bedroom.
  9. I'm sure Ginger deserves it :smile:
  10. You would not believe how are dog is treated.:shame: He has a whole chicken, fresh everyday, he only drinks Figi water in his bowl and he is driven anywhere that we travel in the U.S., My dh is nuts!:wacko: :lol:
  11. That is one pampered pooch !

    The most pampering my rat gets is sometimes getting to eat off my plate, and that's it !
  12. awww thats so cute *makes pup a room*

    nah i wouldnt do that because he loves always being around ppl.
  13. My Lizzie has a faux fur bed, with a faux fur pillow and a faux fir sleeping bag in her big wicker crate - she also has a ton of leashes and collars, 5 pink sweaters, and antique crystal bowls to eat and drink from. Naw, she's not spoiled...
  14. In Hongkong they're coming out with those Air-Conditioned Doggy House. They are about the size of a camping tent but it's completely air-conditioned. HK gets pretty hot in the summer and if you try to leave your A/C on 24/7, your bill can run you close to USD 900 a month. With the doggy house, the bill only runs you USD 70 to leave the A/C doggy house on for 24/7. I think it's a great idea for pups!! If I live in HK with my Pomeranian, I will definitely spoil him with an A/C doggy house.:yahoo:

    Now, since my puppy lives in the U.S., we have no need for something like that. However, he does have quite a lot of outfit and over 30 tiny stuffed animals for him to play with. Every once in a while, he would grab our socks and my sister's stuffed animals and treat them as his own toys.:lol: