dog food recipe

  1. okay... all this thing about contaminated pet food makes me worried. anybody makes their own pet food? I was thinking that I can share main ingredients (rice, fish, veggies) with my dog and just make hers less fatty (ie: no oil, butter, etc).

    i would love to know if anyone has any dog food recipe.

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  3. We make dog food. Our late Border Collie had a serious health condition, and a Holistic Vet (after trying every possible traditional med.) suggested cooking for her.

    We bought Bison, as it is very lean, and cooked it. We added about a tablespoon of ground bone meal per two pounds of meat, as well as a bit of salt, and frozen green beans. Shaina (our dog) was not to eat carbs, so we did not add rice or any grains, but you could do so.

    We ended up giving some of this food to all our dogs, as it smelled so good, it wouldn't be fair to give it to just one. They all loved it. Shaina's health improved for about a year and a half, then declined. :sad: We still make this food, though, because it really helped her, and we want to do what we can for our other dogs.
  4. I user a base from Sojourner Farms ( and add raw ground turkey meat, biotin and avocado to their food. My dogs love it.
  5. how often do you make it?
    I am very busy and thinking of making a big batch of dog food and freeze it to use in a week.
    is it okay? also, where do you get ground bone meal from?
  6. This scare made me decide to never provide premade dog food again. I know breeders who make their own dog food from ingredients purchased at the supermarket and vitamin store.

    So I asked for recipes at another forum. They told me to get this book:

    Better Food for Dogs: A Complete Cookbook and Nutrition Guide
    David Bastin, Jennifer Ashton, and Dr. Grant Nixon DVM

    I haven't purchased the book yet - It's on my list.

    I hear you need to vary a pet's diet so one recipe wouldn't be enough.
  7. I was thinking about making Toby homemade food some one even told me the meat baby food is good for them but instead i went out and bought Castor and Pollux Ultramix for puppies and boy does Toby love it! There food is really amazing no by-products, no wheat, no corn, no yucky stuff! You can even see the peices of fruit mixed in with the kibble. They also have the Organix mix. Im feeling pretty safe with this food. FINALLY...:yes:
  8. a raw diet (aka BARF) is great for dogs. you can type that in google to learn lots about it, here's a link to start you off: just a warning, it gets pretty expensive but really is the best.
  9. When I first got my dog she wouldn't eat regular dog food. so I would cook her chicken and rice and got a supplement. In this case it was her being picky so that *gravy train* (if you will) ended pretty quickly.