Dog fighting on Local News Programme

  1. I have just watched in horror for the past hour on a local news programme, an uncover expose of illegal dogfighting in Europe. Centring on my small part of the world. I feel almost physically sick as to the scenes during uncover filming, many parts I just could not watch it was so appalling and depraved. Here is the link, I'm just so disgusted, I cant put it into words....
  2. OMG I am afraid to click on the link.

    Dog fighting is SO DISGUSTING :sad:
  3. Yes, it is so sick. I was at the gym last night and they put on some footage of a dog fight. I had to turn away. It made me feel nauseated.
  4. A "football" player was busted in Ireland for dog fighting today or yesterday - here is a link
  5. What Is Wrong With People?!?!?!??!?!!?
  6. Um . . . I don't even like watching Animal Rescue taking the dogs out of a house busted for dogfighting!

    I'm not going to be clicking on the link, thank you.

    They care about the money, not about the animals. (People can make a lot of money gambling on the dog fights.)
  7. I won't click the links. They showed on HBO Real Sports about dog fighting and I started crying when they had to euthanize the poor pit bulls they rescued. It was just heartbreaking because the poor doggie looked sooooo sweet. It was wagging its tail and licking the vet. Then they had this bastard (who the coward that he was, didn't want his face shown!) who they were interviewing saying how the dogs were gladiators and its the same thing as back in roman times that they would fight to the death. Then they had stud puppies who they were planning on selling that they rescued. I am just thankful that this is now outlawed in all 50 states.
  8. I am not going to watch that link too! Dogfighting is deplorable and I hope it will be outlawed worldwide.
  9. In Northern Ireland there is a gateway available for these fighting dogs to be brought in from all over Europe, and through this programme I think that the main intention was to educate the public, so that if they are more informed on the cruelty, etc they will therefore be more likely to report to the police and the USPCA. The USPCA spokesman said no one in Northern Ireland is more than 15 minutes away from a dog fighting premises.
    As American pitbulls are illegal in the UK, as part of the dangerous dogs act, they are not in the Republic of Ireland. The dogs are taken in via plane from the rest of Europe with false passports, with a different breed registered such as boxer and labrador cross, and driven across the open border of the Republic and Northern Ireland. :heart:
  10. I also will not click the link...I will cry for sure.

    Dogfighting is so wrong, and the people that train these dogs to do these barbaric things are terrible people...I get worked up about dogfighting...Dogs do not deserve that treatment!!