Dog Collars/umbrellas

  1. Has anyone bought Coach's dog collars or umbrellas? Are they good quality... I'm debating on getting a collar for my dog. She's a pitbull so I need it to be super strong b/c when we go on walks she tries to get at anything & I don't want it to break on her & she attacks something. And the umbrellas are they gonna break when a big gust of wind comes at you?

    This is the collar I'm asking about:
  2. I've never used an umbrella but they always look sturdy when I've seen them in stores...can anyone else help?
  3. Thier dog collars are GREAT....way better than LV's...thicker and way more durable. OH and cost effective! I will not buy anymore Lv collars for the girls...only coach.
  4. I love the Coach dog collars. They are the only ones I use for my dog and they look great. I've found them to be super sturdy and of really high quality, but I only have a pug (a large pug, but still a small dog). Also, I'm not sure if they'd be wide enough for a pit. May look too small on his neck.
  5. I have a Coach umbrella and it's beautiful. Pretty good quality, too. It looks like the black scarf on the right.

  6. Their dog collars are great quality. My dog has had his for about 6 years and it still looks great. :biggrin:
  7. I have an umbrella and its great...I have the smaller one (not with the curved handle). Its VERY sturdy...probably the sturdiest umbrella I've owned.
  8. i have an umbrella and 2 dog collars and 2 leashes. all are great! i live in a fairly rainy climate and my umbrella has held up really well, no turning inside out in the wind at all. the collars are very durable and look so cute. i get a lot of compliments on them.
  9. I bought my 9.5 lb dashund a collar off the coach website about 3 years ago and he still wears it. The first one I bought was too large and I was able to exchange for a smaller size with no problem.
  10. I think they are very good quality.
  11. I have both, and my dog is 50 pounds, and it works just fine for him. Also I love my coach umbrella
  12. i wouldnt buy one for a pit bull, purely for her safety, unless shes really mellow and has the 'rather smell the roses' then the 'SQUERIL! ATTACK' mentality. i just wouldn't feel safe about the latter. but maybe if you used it for purely a walk where other dogs usually are not around, and then a regular dog leash for a run or when other dogs and animals are there?

    ** i just realized that i cannot spell squerrel.. oh god lol.
  13. I have two American Pitbull Terriers and let me say do not get the coach collar. Both of mine wear them but only for decoration. I use heavy duty wide leather collars from the pet store for walking and such. Designers just dont manufacture dog collars durable enough to work for APBTs. Both my boys are pushing 100 pounds so that also plays into it. So decoration only is my vote.
  14. Your dogs are sooo cute!
  15. I have a yr old pit and I got him a coach collar for christmas. Its holding up VERY well.. as far as walking though.. I definately wouldnt hook a lease to it. My mom tried and the pin you hook the lease to actually turned under the leather. I keep it on him all the time but use a chain link collar to attach the leash to.