Dog Collars Heavy??

  1. I'd like to spoil my Shih Tzu (Isabelle) with a Coach collar. She's only 9 pounds so I don't want it to be too heavy for her. The buckle looks pretty big.

    Any tips?
  2. I made the mistake of buying my doxies, about 12 lbs, Coach collars. They were way to heavy. Sad. I took them back.
  3. Bummer, that's what I was thinking. I got her a cute collar on sale at Victoria Secret this summer but the buckle is SOOO heavy. It lasted like a day. She had big sad eyes like I was punishing her. :s
  4. I had a Coach collar on a Bichon and he was able to handle it and I also put one on a Sheltie/Brittany cross and she did fine (she was about 12lbs and he was about 17lbs). However, I got the size I thought would fit and they were HUGE on them (I believe both were size small). I had to punch an extra hole in her's and punch an extra hold in his and then cut off part of the extra on the black leather one I got for the Bichon. After the whole ordeal, I should have just gone to the petstore. LOL!
  5. My cat actually wears one and it doesn't bother her at all. She's a very small cat too. I guess it depends on the animal's preference? :shrugs:
  6. My little Isabelle is quite the drama queen if that makes sense. She will pout if her sweater has static. LOL!
  7. My cat poos himself if I give him a new bell for his collar. :/

    I had the same thing happen. I didn't feel like hacking up the collar (it was just way way too big) so I finally just put it on ebay :sad:
  8. I have the black one with the bone on my westie, hes around 15 pounds, but hes a substantial dog, not delicate at all. and its no problem for him.
  9. I have the red leather one with the charm for my 6 pound min pin - it's kind of heavy for her but she'll wear it a few hours at a time, like if guests are coming over or we're going out. I got her the new striped collar and it's lighter and fits great! She wears an XS...
  10. The Coach collar was too heavy for my chihuahua. I tried two of them and both were way too heavy. His LV collar is perfect.
  11. My doxie only wears his for walks and it doesn't bother him. He doesn't wear it all the time. :flowers:
  12. I think its a tolerance level. I saw the collars today, and like the trend of bags these days, the stuff is pretty heavy. I'd reccomend going with the striped out of them all if you wanted a lighter collar, because that seemed more comfortable, but also more stiff.