Dog collar as necklace?

  1. Go ahead:s .................laugh...................but I did try one on in the store.:true: My SA downstairs in menswear loved it and wants to engrave my name on the back of the little dangling cadena with a little note to return me to Hermes of Paris, if found. My main guy says I look like a dominatrix and thinks I would best accessorize them with over the knee stilleto boots, which, hehe, I already have. I kinda like the look, a little cutting edge. Whadya think? Yay? Nay?
  2. I think it could be a yay. Depends on what material you're going to select your necklace to be.
  3. ^^Rouge vif doblis.
  4. Very nice. I def agree that you should go ahead with it.

    You could even glam up a Laura Ashley-esque dress with that, give it an edgy twist.
  5. One vote for yay.
  6. Um...2 votes.

    I've worn the look before. I like it.
  7. They have a pic in the Hermes magazine....I couldn't do it myself but it sounds like you would feel very comfy so of course, go for it!
  8. I say yay:yahoo:
  9. HG, I just bought one too, this week.....and I LOVE IT!!

    So, what do you think my advice is???;)
  10. ^^I just want to make things clear, I am not talking about the collier de chien, but the actual dog collar. Don't worry, I'm not getting the matching leash.
  11. I say, why not ???
  12. Yes.

    Very edgy, bit punk. Reminds me of the punk movement of the late 70's/early '80s.
  13. Looked cute in the magazine. I couldn't wear it though...I have a gag reflex if something is tight on my neck.
  14. i say YES!
    go for it!:yahoo:

    (did you know you were a cutting edge trend setter???) :jammin:
  15. If you can swing it, enjoy ... any chance of a pic of you wearing it?