"Dog" Chapman Arrested by Feds: Dog In The Dog House !!

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    Duane `Dog' Chapman arrested by feds


    By MARK NIESSE, Associated Press Writer Thu Sep 14, 5:11 PM ET

    HONOLULU - TV reality star Duane "Dog" Chapman and two co-stars on his show were arrested Thursday in Hawaii on charges of illegal detention and conspiracy in an alleged kidnapping three years ago.
    (Chapman, son Leland Chapman and associate Timothy Chapman were taken into custody and did not resist arrest, said Mark Hanohano, U.S. Marshal for the district of Hawaii. "It went down without incident," Hanohano said.
    Mona K. Wood, a publicist for the star of the popular cable series "Dog The Bounty Hunter," said Chapman would be vindicated. "He arrests the bad guys — and he is definitely not one of them," she said.
    The charges stem from Chapman's capture of Max Factor heir Andrew Luster on June 18, 2003, in Puerto Villarta, Mexico, said Marshals spokeswoman Nikki Credic in Washington.
    Chapman's capture of Luster, who had fled the country after being convicted of raping three women, catapulted the 53-year-old bounty hunter to fame and led to the reality series on A&E.
    The three are being held in Honolulu. Bail has not been set. They will face an extradition hearing to Mexico under terms of treaties between the U.S. and Mexico, Credic said.
    Chapman's son Leland, 29, and Timothy Chapman, 41, no relation, assist Chapman in exploits chronicled for the TV show around the Hawaiian Islands. The show focuses on Chapman's family as much as the bounty hunting, which generally involves tracking down bail jumpers, often creating emotional scenes with repentant captives.
    Charges have been pending against the three since local police in Mexico arrested them shortly after they roped in Luster. They posted bail but never returned to Puerto Villarta for their court hearing on July 15, 2003, Credic said.
    Mexican authorities demanded that the Chapmans transfer Luster to Mexican police. Their refusal to do so led to their initial arrest.
    A U.S. warrant for their arrest was signed by a federal judge in Honolulu on Wednesday.
  2. I thought Tim was Dog's brother? I guess he just calls him "brotha."
  3. lol, everyone here in hawaii calls each other braddah. it's colloquial speak. hehe!

    pity, he's a good guy. it's a real shame he was arrested for doing a good thing- arresting a known fugitive. unfortunetely for dog, the fugitive and his family is so rich they can afford to pay the police to arrest the man who brought him to justice.
  4. ^ or 'Brah' as I hear on the show all the time. :smile:
    Yeah he's out there doing a good thing, so hopefully this isn't a big ordeal.
  5. I pray that somehow someway Dog, Tim and Leland will get out of this. I understand that bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico and they did not go back for the court date, BUT...
    I sure as hell wouldn't go back either, difference being they could care less about me, they want Dog and his crew because of who they are and what they do and like someone else said were probably "motivated" to enforce the warrant. I heard the lawyer said the statute of limitations was going to be up in a couple of weeks...interesting.

    Everyone, please pray for the Chapman's. Watch Tuesday's show on A&E, The family speaks. Duane and his crew, not only do they capture fugitives but they do it with HUGE hearts. They make a difference in these people's lives. This is exactly the moment everything they do must be recognized.
  6. I watched The Family Speaks last night. It's insane!!! I can't believe the mexican gov't is doing this, and 3 years later no less. Something is fishy there! That guy had 86!!!!!! 86 counts of rape against them!! In my opinion Mexico is just embarassing themselves at this point. He is a disgusting vile person and Dog and company did the right thing. He needed to be off the streets! and when they took him down, he was out on the prowl again!
  7. I agree-Dog is one of the true modern day heroes and I never miss an episode (Beth has some cool LV pieces!) back to topic I really dont think Dog, Youngblood and Leland will end up in a Mexican prison-I am praying for them all-its really disgusting that it has come down to this.
  8. Talk about the good guy getting screwed! I couldn't believe it when I heard that they'd arrested Dog. I don't watch the show that often but I do watch it and I totally love it! I hope someone talks some sense into our politicians and the Mexican gov't and they drop these ridiculous charges!!!
  9. I got this from last week's People Magazine:

    Dog Takes His Own Trip To The Pound:
    Dog the Bounty Hunter star Duane Chapman, 53, and two of his costars were arrested Sept. 14 in Hawaii on charges stemming from their 2003 apprehension of Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster in Mexico, where bounty hunting is illegal. The men, who were released on bail and are awaiting a hearing on possible extradition to Mexico, were originally arrested for not turning Luster - a fugitive convicted of raping three women - over to Mexican police and then jumped bail, says a U.S. Marshals Service rep.
  10. Oh, so it's okay for Mexican police to be crooked, but bounty hunting is not okay? That doesn't make sense to me.