Dog carriers

  1. Im looking for a dog carrier [small]. Dont really know what to get.Just hate it when I go shopping and cant go into any stores,"no pets allowed":sad:.

    What are you using to carry your small pet? brand, store?

    btw I would like to know what you think of this carrier here

    East side croc.
  2. Personally I have a dog stroller for my little ones...I like it b/c I think it is more comfortable for them to have more room :smile:

    Plus, it has a cupholder for my drink! ;)
  3. that's a cute carrier. I had a cute one from Fifi & Romeo. She doesn't like carriers though so I sold it. They have a lot of cute ones though.
  4. No place that sells food anywhere in it allows dogs; I believe this is why security guards in malls will run you over for having a dog there (food court/stalls, etc.). I know in Charlotte a few SA's have mentioned that dogs come into their stores regularly and they don't care, like Neiman Marcus, my SA at Hermes said they wouldn't care, etc. That being said, I've tried to carry my babies in carriers, but even being under 5lbs at one time, they still got heavy because most carriers are so bulky (mine was a Pucchi). Faye hates the carrier, and Eclair is too tall for them. The best "carrier" I ever had was my old big Juicy tote (looked like this, don't know if this one is real or not:

    The babies couldn't jump out, plus the mirror strap has a clip on it, which can be used to clip to a harness and keep them from jumping out (though the height was enough to keep Faye from going anywhere; plus, she'd go to sleep in the bottom with the top open, and remain completely unnoticed).