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  1. PLease delete this thread if it is a duplicate-I could not find one but am so excited about my new little pup and her Sac Baxter pm Carrier that I wanted to post!:P
    th_IMG_2817.jpg IMG_2806.jpg DSC_0048.jpg
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  2. ^ Very adorable :smile:

    I wish LV would make this available as a travel satchel... do you suppose it could be used for my personal use if I removed the pet rug?
  3. I would not try it since the top is open-maybe better to go for a Deauville???
  4. Soooo cute! :heart: ..Maltese?
  5. YEs, do you have one???
  6. That's so cute! I love it.
  7. I am really afraid to let her in it until she is better potty trained-LOL
  8. Oh LV! Your puppy is adorable!! I have a maltese too, she's topped out at 5 lbs! Yea, she's portable!! How much does your puppy weigh, and which baxter do you have? I am trying to find a really cute carrier, and this one is georgous! Thanks!
  9. You are so Lucky that yours is 5lb full grown-My little baby eats like a horse so will probably weigh 20lbs-LOL
    I got the small baxter carrier -it is suppossed to take a dog up to 10lbs(I think) and it works pretty good-she does try and hop out though so I am hoping as she gets older that she will stay in there even when she smells a fun pastry or goodie that tempts her to jump out! It does have a leash ring so I attach her-she does not get far-it is just embarrassing when she is dangling and all twisted up-people look at me ike I am abusing her!!!
  10. Very cute!
  11. She is the cutest!!
  12. I think I am in Heaven. I just found this board. I am a maltese and handbag lover. I was surprised to find maltese lovers on this board. I love finding people with my same loves....
  13. Truly it is the best of both worlds - welcome!!!!!!
  14. I want a PM Baxter also. You are sooo lucky. It looks like a handbag!!!
  15. Well,the only problem w/it is that she is so fat she just flips out and over it-awful-she is getting better at staying inside-LOL!