dog bag charm - where to find?

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  1. I just came across a photo of the LV dog bag charm - I NEED one! I am a huge dog lover and rescue activist and it would be perfect.

    However, I'm having trouble locating - can anyone recommend other good, reputable online places to keep an eye on other than ebay?

    Thanks for any advice! :smile:
  2. Have you called 1-866-VUITTON? Maybe they can locate one for you.

    Hope you find one -- they are so cute!!
  3. Yeah I agree... call 866- vuitton and see if they can locate one for you
  4. Thanks for the suggestions...unfortunately I tried the 866 number today and they didn't have any available (or any good ideas). She said they might possibly come out with another dog-themed charm but not anytime soon. :shucks: