Dog ate shoes...

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  1. I bought a pair of CLs a couple of days ago and paid immediately after the auction ended. Today I receive a notification from ebay saying that the seller has informed them that we've mutually agreed to withdraw from the transaction, along with a message from the seller saying that she can't sell me the shoes because her dog chewed on the heels and scratched them :confused1: Now where have I heard this before? Is it common these days for people to leave things they've sold on ebay our for their pets and small children to play with, or am I missing something here?

    I messaged her back and asked for a picture of the damage, we'll see how she responds... (or if I ever get the refund she said she would send "right away" :s)
  2. Ask her for pics.

    I also ever heard cat chewy the handle of LV bags :s ooh what happen with those pets??
  3. Did you get them at avery good price. I think you may see them listed agin in the near future :nogood:
  4. Sounds like she didn't get the price she was hoping for. Poor dogs, they get all the blame.:nogood:
  5. I messaged her asking for pics, we'll see how she responds.
    Maybe these people sell on ebay to afford obedience classes for their unruly pets :P

    Yes, I'm thinking the exact same thing. She probably just wasn't happy with the end price and wants to relist. I just hope I get my refund :s

    She probably don't even have a dog :P
  6. I just recently noticed a flaw in an item that I was packaging to ship. I immediately refunded the buyer, shipped at my expense and never even asked for mutual withdrawal.

    I did that because I am worried that someone would think I was being dishonest. I am curious to see if you recieve pics....I would definately NOT withdraw from the transaction until she sent some sort of proof.

    Good luck
  7. dont sign off just yet on the agreement to mutually withdraw from the transaction. seller just might want you to agree with that quickly before refunding the money so that it would be too late for you to get your money back.
  8. i think she's lying...wonder if she will send the pics
  9. Same thing happened to me but I was on the other end, the seller noticed a flaw in a wallet I had purchased and emailed me and refunded me, it happens.

    ANd I agree with not withdrawing from the transaction especially since she did not notify you before she did any of this.
  10. I understand that accidents do happen, but it sounds weird to me to leave a pair of CLs that you've just sold, out where your dog can get to them. Not to mention that she contacted ebay to mutually withdraw from the transaction without even contacting me first. It also sounds weird that the shoes were "scratched" so bad that she "can't sell them to me" (they were patent) :s

    Yeah, I'm not agreeing to anything until I get my refund (which her message said I would receive "right away" -I'm still waiting)

    Unless she's crafty at photoshop, I seriously doubt that I'll see any pics :P

    Her message sounded very casual (not like someone who's dog just destroyed a pair of CLs, that's for sure) and she seemed more concerned about me helping her get her ebay fees back than anything else.
  11. I am adding this to the "best excuses heard on ebay" thread. GOOD ONE!
  12. I totally agree with what you are saying, something is funny with her story:yes:

    The point I was trying to make is that if she has nothing to hide then she won't have problems showing you the shoes. I shipped a flawed shirt at my expense to a buyer so he would know that I wasn't lying.

    Basically if I were the seller, I would either ship them to you at my expense, or offer them to you for the shipping price only.
  13. I still haven't heard back from the seller, or received my refund (how soon is "now"? :confused1:) but in My Ebay it says that an unpaid item dispute has been opened for it!? I paid less than a minute after the auction ended :s

    I'm not having much luck with ebay recently. I bought a dvd box set 6 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived and the seller haven't gotten back to me (I've filed a claim with PP) The worst part is that a few weeks later, I ordered another dvd box set from the same seller without even realizing, and now I'm worried that I wont receive it either :s I'm about ready to give up on ebay.
  14. She should send the refund right away. It sounds like she's holding it until you comply with her withdrawing drom the sale. Which is way wrong of her!
  15. I would keep checking to see if they are relisted, in her defense I have 3 dogs and maybe she had them out to ship them and the dog got one.