Dog Allergies

  1. Does anyone have a pet with allergies right now?

    My two year old Chi has a vet appointment tomorrow, because I'm afraid she has them. She has been sniffling a bit and nibbling/licking at her paws lately (not her nails, she has been biting her nails since she was little, so that isn't a problem). I'm wondering what the allergy stemmed from. I haven't changed anything in my house, her food hasn't changed, nor has her water...I take her for a walk everyday, so I think it might be environmental (ton of pollen around this area right now), but I do not believe that there is a way to test for that in there? I know it isn't a cold or anything, because she is rarely exposed to other dogs outside of my sister's Chi's when they are around (and they haven't been around in the last month), and she is in a good constant temperature, and when I take her to the pet store for treats they always stay in my arms and away from other doggies (plus she hasn't been in a month, I've been picking stuff up for her). She doesn't act sick-sick, just sniffly and such.

    I hope there are doggie allergy meds, because I hate to see her so sniffly and itchy :sad:
  2. I have both my English Setters with this at the moment, one is very bad he has scratched himself so much some of his hair is thining. I keep going to the vets, they have told me the pollen count, dust mites etc is very bad this year. He is on medication but it really does not seem to help much, also had special baths.
    Their are certain breeds of dogs that get this more than others Setters being one of those breeds.
    I do hope your vet can help your baby
  3. My dog has allergies. He doesn't scratch or bite himself. It is a nasal allergy. He sneezes all the time since I moved. When I walk him, people laugh cause they think its cute...until they go to pet him and he sneezes on them! LOL It's pretty disgusting since he produces snot. I feel bad for him because sometimes I forget to give him meds and I will hear him sniffling. My vet told me to give him Chloretrimaton (spelling?) and he is fine.
  4. Double check with your vet, but try giving her Benadryl, 1 miligram per pound.

    That is what my vet recommends...helps alot! :smile:
  5. My Maltese has a BAD allergy to fleas. Right now the fleas are more active so she scratches more and her skin gets all pink. All it takes is one flea to bite her and then when she chews it gets in her saliva and spreads.

    She is also allergic to cockroaches and Virginia oak but the allergy to fleas is the worst. I could give her shots for the other things but the fleas are the real problem.

    I wash her with special shampoo and put a lotion on her after a bath that helps sooth her skin some. I'd check with your vet and see what he/she suggests. Mine keeps chewing her tail and I can't stop her. Drives me nuts!
  6. My Westie is 10yrs old and has had skin allergies for 8yrs and when l tell you we have tried everything its no lie. I now have to give her a steroid tablet ever day and she is bathed every week in a special shampoo which must be worked into her coat and then left on for 10 mins. I have given her the steroids for 6yrs now and l know full well that they will shorten her life but l want her to have a comfortable life. I am happy to say that she is in good health, not overweight but would eat everything in sight if she could. Allergies treatment for pets is just trial and error:yes: and its our job to make them and happy as we can
  7. Paw licking is a classic symptom of doggies suffering from allergies.

    Allergies are a pretty simple problem to treat. Luckily, the meds for it are inexpensive.

    My little pug had hay fever. When it was bad, the vet prescribed Hydroxyzine - an antihistamine. If she had a really bad week, she would get doggie steroids for several days. That only happened a few times over her life.

    I have hay fever too. I found that reducing the pollen and dust in our home helped both of us. This involved:
    *Dusting thoroughly
    *Washing all the curtains and bed linens to rid them of dust
    *Vacuuming the floors and furniture thoroughly. Hepa dust bag in the vacuum cleaner.
    *Shampooing the carpet
    *Using the air conditioner, even if I just set it on Fan rather than Cool. Keeping all the windows closed.

    Good luck to pooch!
  8. My dogs (and cats) have never been affected by allergies, so I don't have any advice to offer. But I don think that taking your pup to the vet is the best thing to do. Good luck! I feel certain they can give her something to soothe her.

    Couturegirl mentioned Benadryl and that definately was helpful the time one of my dogs got into a bee's nest.
  9. Just to let you guys know, the vet told me to give her liquid children's Benadryl, and it has worked extremely well! :yes: Her allergies have nearly passed now, thank goodness!
  10. That's great news! Do you think her allergies are seasonal then? Hopefully she won't need to take the Benadryl too much longer.
  11. I'm glad to hear the Benadryl helped. We have also struggled with allergies in our household. I have found that Biotin and a multi-vitamin added to their food helps reduce the itchiness. I try to avoid Benadryl as it tires them out.
  12. That happened to my chi when I lived in virginia. She would constantly scratch and her skin was all bright pink. I thought maybe she had dry skin and got her a calming dog shampoo and it didn't work. I went to the vet and she gave me some kind of pill, don't remember the name, she(the vet) said it was a flea allergy. I live in england now and she seems to be doing fine. I actually think it was a one time thing because after a while the bright pink-ness went away and she was fine. I don't give her any meds anymore but I did change her food just in case.
  13. One of my beagles has awful seasonal allergies (hers kick in around August, though, not this time of year). Benadryl is pretty much the only thing we've used that helps her. We tried getting allergy shots but those wore off too quickly and I'm not comfortable giving her a bunch of shots. We tried an herbal allergy pill (made for dogs) but it wasn't strong enough for her. Benadryl is the best thing we've tried.

    For the itchies, I brew organic chamomile tea and chill it in the fridge, then apply to the areas that are red and itchy. It's supposed to be soothing. I feel so bad for them when they get itchy like that! My other beagle gets itchies sometimes, but I don't know if it's allergies or just dry skin, so she gets flaxseed oil in her food (well, they both do) and in the winter we keep a humidifier going.
  14. Shampoos for dog allergies
    Anyone have a recommendation for a shampoo for seasonal scratching in dogs? I've treated for fleas but she's still scratching. Thanks!

    no kill la is the best friends of animals.
  15. Shampoo doesn't really help in my experience. My dog is always scratching. Sh wriggles her back when we touch her because she's so itchy from allergies. Any oatmeal/tea tree oil shampoo might help, but don't count on it to work any magic. Also try using a 2:1 ration of water and Apple Cider Vinegar (not Heinz, the real stuff like Bragg's). It really helps their skin. Also if you put a drop or two (depending on how big oyur dog is) in their water it helps (because of the mother in thr Bragg's). Also maybe Benadryl? Doesn't work for us but it might for your girl.