Doesn't this strike you as wrong?

  1. it looks like a rolling luggage tote to me. It just has tassels. How is that wrong?
  2. Does it have wheels? it's the same style, IMO. i just think it's a little too close, but i guess the best flattery.....
  3. yeah, the wheels are on the bottom. The only closeness I see to a b-bag is the tassels.
  4. really? wow, i think it looks very "inspired"
  5. it does look very inspired. The 'bales' type things. and the middle part is inspired by thre zipper.. it's ugly lol

    and a lot of $$!
  6. Well, my firtst reaction to this bag was :yucky:
  7. It just looks ugly to me.
  8. :censor:
  9. it's gross. i would rather save up for a weekender!
  10. I would also have to say it's not pretty. Esp. the rolling wheels.
  11. Also think it looks like a copy cat and at a hefty price at that!
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