doesn't this new line make you feel proud to be a coach fan!?

  1. I am pleasantly surprised with coach this season! They've really gone back with the leather that made them what they are today! So vintage and fun with the rich and saturated stripes! What do you think of the new lines? Personally I think there's nothing that doesn't say a great designer!
  2. this is for those of us that love the coach classics ;)

    i was always more of a leather then canvas girl
  3. i've never been a fan of all leather bags...but the way they updated them is absolutely fabulous.
    who knows, maybe this will be the collection that gets me started on all leather bags?
  4. I love the sizes this season!
  5. It makes me proud to be a Coach employee! I seriously love my job and these bags, I love amazing collections because they are so easy to sell and the store looks great.
  6. At a glance things its beautiful...thinking I can't wait to get to a store and see it in PERSON!
  7. I am LOVING it! :yes:
  8. Me too! I'll take leather any day...It's easier to maintain and if cared for it will look beautiful for ever! :heart: Emmy
  9. I love it too. Very classy.
  10. I love the new line!!
  11. The new bags are beautiful and it is a great fall line!
  12. I love the vintage classy. I'm loving a couple bags this season but the accessories are TDF. So unique. I only like one bag so far that I have to have but that might change when I see it in person, it might be too small for me. But, I'm thinking on going for alittle shopping spree & getting nothing but Coach accessories.