Doesn't she think anyone will check her feedback?!?

  1. Check out this link for an LV Speedy 30--in the description, the buyer says she "bought this about a year ago from another eBay seller". But if you check her feedback, you'll see that she bought it on December 20, 2007!

    It's probably a horrible fake, and she realized that when she got it--but now she's trying to re-sell it. 24 people have already bid!

    I've never reported anyone before--would this be the kind of thing that I could report to eBay, or do you need to be the bidder in order to report it?

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. I really don't know what you could report her for?
    Send her an email and ask her why she's selling it after just receiving it from another ebayer and see what she says.

    Perhaps post her auction on the authenticate this thread and see what the LV experts have to say. If it turns out counterfeit, then I guess you have something to report her for. (However, it looks good from the photos)
  3. It's not the same bag that she bought in her dec 20 auction.
    If you look at the date code thing in both auctions, it's different.
    So she could have bought this one a year ago and just replaced it in december with a newer one?
  4. Yeah teh date codes are different...
  5. The bag in the auction looks alot different than the one she bought, I dont know for sure because the pics are so unclear in her auction but it looks like its fake and shes re-using the packaging from the other to make it look real. KWIM ?
  6. ^That's so evil! I think you are right though...the bag she's selling now looks fake. The one she got on 12/20 looks real.
  7. Also, she said it was purchased from another ebayer a year ago but shes only been a member since May 2007
  8. Thanks for the input! It just screamed "fishy" to me, and since reading all the posts here lately, I guess I have my antennae out for fakes!

    You guys have good eyes!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes,these are 2 different bags, and the one she is selling right now look FAKE, the letters of the date code are too thick.
    She definitely bought a Real to replace a FAKE.