Doesnt Mastic resemble Sandstone from the Fall '07 collection?

  1. Doesnt Mastic resemble Sandstone from the Fall '07 collection?

    I was looking at the swatches and realized that Mastic looks very similar to sandstone.

    is it only me?
  2. It looks a bit darker...but pretty much the same...although the swatches pics have been a bit inaccurate sometimes (I'm thankful for them though!)

    Regardless if Mastic and Sandstone are alike I'm sure I'd be all over that color once the fall deliveries arrive.
  3. I feel like Mastic is more goldish than Sandstone. Mastic IS one of the colors I have on my radar!
  4. Judging from the swatches it looks verrrry familiar, maybe just a tad darker. Would be nice for me if I end up missing out on sandstone :yes:
  5. Lol that what i was thinking! Cant decide if i should get the sandstone or wait for the mastic... hmmmm decisions decisions decision:shrugs: :shrugs: :cursing: :push:
  6. I totally agree - definietly a bit more gold and definitely on my wish list even though I just received my sandstone:smile:
  7. Yup, same here! Mastic, in addition to Violet and Rouille, are on my radar for the FW 07 season. Would love to see what bags Balenciaga will be offering in which colors. Am stoked to see the Step and its details!
  8. It looks similar, a little less grey. Probably somewhere in between sandstone and caramel 05. Its definitely on my wish list, even though I have both colors already.
  9. Does anyone know when BalNY will be receiving the FW07 bags and we can purchase them? I was thinking of getting a sandstone city with GH but my bf keeps saying sandstone is too blah a color so I think I will wait for mastic as well (even though I still think sandstone is gorgeous)
  10. ^I think they're putting people on wishlists around May/June & the bags are coming out around Sept/Oct.. sorry, I always forget the actually months =P

    Sandstone looks somewhat light & I worry about darkening handles (as I do w/my vert), so if mastic is a tad darker than sandstone it'd be perfect for me!!:drool:
  11. i'm sure it will be boootiful!
  12. The color seems richer and yes, deeper...I can't wait til it comes out! It will definitely be on my list as a Weekender along with Bleu Work/Weekender, Jaune mu clutch, and something plomb, violet, and tabac.

  13. what's the color between mastic and violet? it looks blueish ...
  14. Umm..there are two colors between violet and mastic:

    the bottom row from left to right:

    "new" greenish swatch
  15. thanks incoralblue! i meant violet and jaune. What color is mogano?