Doesnt Look Like Her, But It Is !! I Like It .... Lindsay For Miu Miu

  1. [​IMG]
    Lindsay Lohan goes high fashion in the latest ad from Miu Miu. And while it looks nothing like her, it's definitely far better than what anyone would have expected from the tired and worn out party girl.

    Yes, the photo has been fiddled with, but, the end result is impressive. What do you think ?
  2. Wow, who would have guessed??
  3. Impressive! I like it! She kind of looks like a red headed barbie doll!

    P.S. I love Miu Miu!!!
  4. YES! She definately looks like a doll! I love the fire red hair!
  5. Wow..that's actually halfway decent.
  6. wow, it doesnt look like her at all.
  7. wow coool!
  8. Heavily retouched though, looks a bit cartoon like.
  9. cool- i wish she looked even more plasticy though--- like an android.
  10. photoshop hard at work for sure
  11. Amazing what technology can do,kinda like turning a sow's ear into a silk purse:roflmfao:.I do like this image but it's a shame they chose such a skank to represent their company :sad:.
  12. cool ad, well styled.
  13. she should be used to that position eh?
  14. WOW, BEAUTIFUL photo!! Impressive editing!!
  15. That´s a beautiful ad! I have to say it doesn´t look like her.