Doesn't it really cheese you off when....

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  1. stores like John Lewis, Selfridges, HOF and other stores have new Mulberry stock before the actual Mulberry Stores or have them?

    Sometimes these stores stock Mulberry bags which the actual Mulberry stores never have.

    It really gets on my nerves, especially as a Mulberry shareholder when I can't even buy a Mulberry item from a Mulberry store. I only get discount from Mulberry stores so don't really want to have to buy from JL etc.

    I'd be very interested to hear what you all thought incase I am getting myself in a state over nothing.
  2. You are right, Mulberry store and .com should have all the stock, I can understand the one offs like the Yellow Selfridges Bays but all others should be available
  3. Yes JJB, I totally agree. It seems strange that Mulberry don't have the complete range in their own stores and websites.
  4. ITA Tiree.

    Last year I was desperate to get Oak & Black Printed Ledburys - no joy at Mulberry.

    Oak was sourced from HOF (they had alot of printed Bays/EW/Leds) and Black (with the vintage contrast stitching) from Harvey Nics.

    Although I had to forego my shareholder discount I did negotiate an equal discount by playing one shop off against the other.

    I really think Mulberry's stock mmgt is shocking - the website is a disgrace and dont get me started on the USA/UK sales fiasco of last year!

  5. I even recall that my Mabel was bought from Bicester before they were released to Bond Street.

    To be fair, I think that was a genuine mistake and I had to wrestle James at Bicester for it as he had been ordered to return it to Bond Street.

    So Tiree, what are you stalking hun?
  6. Aww Ellie, thanks for agreeing. I wondered if it was just me being picky.

    I quite fancy a leopard long purse but they don't have it in my local Mulberry and as I've recently bought shares I would love to get some discount from them.

    I also quite fancy trying on the OS Pink Alexa but as far as I know they are only in the other stores.
  7. I had this problem tiree when I was looking for a midnight blue cracked bays (not clutch), when I emailed Mulberry after a tpfer spotted one in John Lewis, the reply stated that larger stores like John Lewis, Selfridges & Harrods etc may buy into styles that they don't stock on So assuming this means that you may see something nice in stores that will never be on or in Mulberry shops, which isn't great for us that aren't near these shops & rely on ordering online!
  8. Totally agree Tiree, I think it must be 'a part of deal' between Mulberry & reputable concessions for mutual benefit.

    If they can't be fair for stock choices, SHD should be available at the concession IMO - not individual little shops etc I can agree but large department store should accept it!
  9. I can understand concessions having limited stock, but agree that ALL items should be available from or the Mulberry shops themselves.
    Didn't even know the leopard came in long-locked until I saw it in our local department store...
  10. I've had this problem before, seen something in Fenwicks but wanted to buy from Mulberry but they weren't going to stock it.

    It's all to do with retail & wholesale. Retail is the actual Mulberry stores & shops within shops like HOF but shops like John Lewis, Fenwicks, Jules B etc all buy wholesale so they can end up with some completely different items that Mulberry themselves have chosen not to stock.
  11. It doesn't seem at all logical for the Mulberry store not to stock all the styles. I can understand not all the colours in a particular style. But these they should be able to special order for you. You should be able to see all styles in the new collection in all Mulberry stores.
  12. You're not being picky Tiree. I completely agree on all counts!
  13. Equally annoying, I had vouchers and fancied a Blueberry Bays clutch. Not available at Mulberry but was at Mywardrobe and JL
  14. thats very annoying! i cant understand why other stores would have styles when mulberry themselves dont?
  15. Teddies - You are Absolutely right.

    Im surprised that Mulberry seem to be out-guessed re what styles/colours will sell by the Retailers..............its like My Wardrobe, JL et al know the Mulberry market better than Mulberry.