Doesn't it just drive you crazy when....

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  1. People drive down the road/highway with their blinkers/signal light on continuously. I drives me up the wall! Cause you're like, OK, are they going to pull over???

    This is just one of my pet peeves...Happened this morning on the way to work.
  2. Oh my gosh, don't even get me started on driving pet peeves. It drives me BONKERS (bonkers, I say!) when people are too lazy to signal before they turn/switch lanes. Come on, you just flip a little stick!
  3. That is pretty annoying. You know what I hate? When the road curves and people signal to turn. Where else is there for you to go!
  4. ita with the both of you. i've got so much road rage sometimes. :shame:
  5. I get annoyed .. let's say, when they signal LEFT and suddenly they come into the RIGHT lane and cut me off suddenly.
  6. I live rural. It annoys me when someone pulls out in front of me when I am doing 60. Sometimes i wish they would do it in front of a semi. Not signaling far enough in advance to turn. Oh and breaking instead of turning on signal. You should signal first so the person behind you can slow down without having to stop abruptly and then put on breaks to turn. If you take your foot off the gas, you will slow down. Breaking for no reason is hazardous. It stops your car quicker and then everyone has to break. You blooming idiot.
  7. ITA!!! They should get ticketed for being too lazy to signal. Don't ppl know it's inconsiderate and dangerous?
  8. I am in total agreement with ALL of the Above!:yes: Here's another one of mine. People that have to ride the break all the way down the slightest incline!! Get your foot off the break!!!:nuts:
  9. haha i know what you mean. i always slow down thinking they are going to come into my lane... and then they never do! i know you can hear it and i know you can see it blinking.... so why dont you turn it off!! argh.
  10. LOL, that made me laugh. I'm a signal-holic, and do this sometimes, and then I'm like, "well, don't need to signal, only place to go..." LOL
  11. Yes! I want to blow my horn at them, but they probably won't understand why. One time, this car had his left blinker on, and he merged to the right lane! :cursing:
  12. I honk at people when they dont use their turn signals..its like, what do you think they made them for?!
  13. yes, it really does annoy me. i normally try to pass them so i don't have to stare at it.
  14. I always get stuck behind these drivers! Drives me completely crazy. And if they get in my way and I honk, they get mad at me! Yesterday, some man drove about 5 miles with his hazard lights on. Don't people hear the little clicking noise while they're driving?
  15. When you go grocery shopping, spend $300.00 and all anyone can say is "there is nothing to eat"!!! :cursing: Hmmm.....My guess is that the 10 million teeanaged kids that swarm here like a bunch of starving locusts might be behind that!!! :confused1: