Doesn't it give you a smile....

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  1. When you are expecting a package!?!? So, my neighborhood is modeled after what is northern VA, brick townhomes, single family homes, a town center, parks, etc. We have a baby post office where mail is picked up the old fashioned way, in a PO box, and it is also where packages get locked up. Instead of picking up my mail first, I head straight to the package center.

    I rip it open and it is packed in there so tight I HAVE to wait till I get home to get in the box. But, what I found inside was gorgeous! Here are some pics to share as well as the small and growing family.

  2. Beautiful new MP shoebuyer!! I also love that familiy pic. :tup: Congrats!!
  3. congrats! i love the color. and i love your alfred :biggrin:
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Lovely bags and congrats!
  6. Pretty bag! Here's a nice big group shot of your bags for everyone to drool over:

  7. I love the family! Congratulations!
  8. :nuts:


  9. Beautiful!
  10. gorgeous!! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats on your new addition! You have a lovely MJ family. Enjoy!
  12. :heart::love: Beautiful family portrait!!
  13. What a beautiful bag! Congrats! What a welcome addition to your collection!
  14. Love it shoebuyer....large MP is my favorite of all time
  15. beautiful!! enjoy her!