Doesn't it annoy you when......

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  1. Celebs get their bags for free and then brag about it. Just finished reading an article where Mischa B is saying that Chanel always send her the bag of the season and has lately received a Chanel Charms 2.55 flap.:drool:. She then goes on to say that she has 25 Chanel Bags and loves them because they are all classics and go with everything.

    I know, I know the designers do it all in the name of advertising, but it still irks me that the A list Mischa, lindsay et al get their stuff for free when they clearly have the money and all us plebs have to waitlist, beg etc the SA's to actually PAY for their luxury goods.

    PS Sorry for the rant but I can't deal with stock shortages and waitlists at high end boutiques any more:cursing::cursing:
  2. Lol, I so know what you mean, it would not be so bad if we paid for the bags and had good service in the UK, like they do in the US. Ah well, its always nice seeing Chanel's being used.
  3. i agree with you 100%
  4. This bugs me too! I HATE IT!

    It's like the more money you have, the less you have to spend! :confused1:
  5. ^^one of the most infuriating things about celeb status. Why in the he@@ are celebs getting swag bags that cost in the upwards of 50-100K? They should be donating these things!

    No sense to me. :tdown::rolleyes::cursing:
  6. That's why Chanel has had to jack the prices three times (upcoming Sept) in one year. We're all paying for this crap. And we're supposed to believe Chanel is exclusive. Pardon me while I choke on it. It's free marketing for them and they write it off as a public relations/marketing expense.
  7. You don't often hear of a young celeb like Lindsay or Mischa, auctioning their stuff for charity do you?
  8. It's because the VERY rich and Hollywood does NOT live in the same world as you and I. The rules DO NOT apply to them. The very rich stay rich because they don't have to spend their money; they get freebies galore. Those that have it, don't have to buy it. Those that don't have it, would LOVE to own it and would worship it, have to scrimp and save and MAYBE get it.

    The big Catch-22 or the Irony of Life.
  9. Ugh! I know what you mean. My ex-boyfriend had a cousin that lived in Miami. He played for the Miami Dolphins (big deal :rolleyes:, not even a real celeb to me). We'd visit him and everywhere we wnt everything was free. Dinners, bar tabs, tanning, dry cleaning, country club membership, gym memberships. His and his fiancee's cars! It was ridiculous.
  10. I also read an article where Mischa was telling that she receives 25 bags per month from different designers.

    25 BAGS, that's 300 bags in a year!! :wtf:
    She has to buy a new house to keep all of them stored.
    But I'm sure she gives the "ugly" ones away to her dear friends :supacool:
  11. No, it does not bug me. They get free bags 'cause they are celebs. Some people buy Chanel 'cause they see celebs wear them. It's a cheap way of marketing for Chanel.
  12. True very maybe they will give more to charity.....don't hold your breath though. LOL.
  13. i know...its very ironic...that is why as much as possible..i stick to my 1 bag/brand policy. i appreciate quality and luxury....but i dont see the thing of collecting several bags in a brand. i find it like a blind following for a brand/logo. i also find it funny...they use celebrities (no sense ones:sad:) as bait for end users to want their products. its marketing and such.....but, these ppl doesnt really appreciate the item per se....but more of whoring it (sorry for the word). ive read somewhere VB pays full price for her items, if it is true....i have more respect for her than the rest. IMO:P
  14. Yes, it annoys me. And I don't think it's always such good publicity either. If I see a celebrity carrying a bag, or wearing a certain pair of shoes, it turns me right off the product and I have no interest in it. None at all. It cheapens the item, IMO. It's a 'giveaway' bag that suddenly lost all its value.
  15. Oh this DOES drive me nuts! Maybe because I live in LA so I see the irony everywhere. And because I'm jealous, I admit that, LOL. Although I'm not jealous of the paparazzi in my face to photo a bag or crack habit.