Doesn anybody here have pix with their Denim raye mm or gm?

  1. I can't seem to find any modeling pix of these bags and i can't decided which one i will be purchasing without seeing how it will look on the body!

    any one have pics of their bags being modeled?
  2. Iluvbags has a pic of her with the GM in the visual aids thread:
  3. that was the only one i could find after 45 mins of searching! the other one i found was barely visible.

    i just want to know the sizes of bags against eachother to see which is going to be for me.
  4. I think I have pics somewhere of mine too
  5. ^^that would be great! in some pix the bag looks like the right size, in other pix it looks absolutely massive and i just want to see it on someone in a couple of different ways.
  6. cute bag.
  7. ^^^Yeah, I agree, very cute bag!
  8. cute, but is it too big? grrrr....
  9. I took this especially for you, Photoobsessive! lol My son was wondering why I was taking pictures of myself and my bag. Call me crazy. :nuts: I told him a tPFer needed pics of my Port Epaule Denim Raye MM.
    Louis Vuitton Denim Port Epaule MM 005.jpg Louis Vuitton Denim Port Epaule MM 006.jpg Louis Vuitton Denim Port Epaule MM 007.jpg Louis Vuitton Denim Port Epaule MM 008.jpg
  10. Okay, where are you, Photoobsessive? lol Posted pics above so you can make your decision to purchase a Cabas GM or MM... For me, the GM was really huge, but others can really wear it well. The MM is more my size.

    Good luck!

  11. omigosh! you are incredible!

    the bag looks fantastic on your body!

    this is only the MM? holy cow! i can't imagine what the GM would look like!

    how tall are you?
  12. does the strap extend any further, or is that at its maximum for the cross body?

    i really like that one!

  13. Thank you! I am short at 5'1" so that GM would have been totally huge for me. I tried the GM on and even wearing heels, I felt as if the GM bag was carrying me. lol:smile: Good luck with your decision!!

  14. I extended the straps (2 holes) on a couple of the messenger-style pics. It had a couple more holes I think to even make the straps longer. I don't usually wear it messenger-style, but I thought I'd show you. Ha, first time I actually wore it this way!
  15. actually, i would want to wear it messenger style for travel and handsfree operations!

    i really like it!

    i am 5'0" to 5'1" my self and about 110-112, so i think it will fit me about the same as it fits you! (cheers, bc that looks really good!)

    thanks so much girl!