Does zippy wallet come in ....

  1. Multicolor canvas???:shame:
  2. nope, sorry! I think it only comes in monogram, damier, black epi and some vernis colors. Maybe call 866vuitton to be sure?

    They also have the zipped purse and the zippy organizer so I get confused which "zippy" the zippy wallet
  3. It does not...(it should, it would be hot!)

    Currently The Zippy Wallet - you can get it in The Monogram canvas and or in The Vernis...(No Epi, thats only currently avail. on The Zippy Organizer... not The Zippy wallet.)

    I would imagine they would introduce it in the other patterns... hell if they did it to the Koala wallet, perhaps The Zippy Wallet too soon.

  4. Do you know if they will take special orders for the zippy wallet to be made in the mini multicolor canvas?
  5. I'd just sit back and be patient... eventually I would hope they would introduce The Zippy Wallet in Epi...and MC... just needs a little time... ya never know :smile: