Does your workplace go OUT to lunch every day?

  1. I just started a new job, it's small, under 10 employees. Well, they go OUT to eat EVERY day!
    Now, I go out to eat every Saturday night and Sunday, and sometimes Friday night. But I can totally live without eating anything nice or fancy during the week, and food is NOT something I find fun to spend on if it's not the weekend!

    I don't know what I'm supposed to do! I feel like I'm wasting so much money, like I spent $10 today on food and I could still have that in my pocket. Not to mention it's hard to find dishes off the menu that aren't fattening, but they all seem to be so far.

    Any advice?? I'm going to have to say something at some point (although I only just started and they said it's what they ALL do every day! And I'd feel bad being the one person who doesn't, or the person who breaks that up!) because I can't keep wasting money on food when I can just make it and bring it and spend like $1.50 worth on what I use per day, if that.
    Like $10.00 per day is $50 per week... I just got out of school, I have to pay my tuition in a few months, that's like $200 a month I'd be spending on FOOD!
  2. No, nobody at my firm takes a lunch unless it's a business lunch. Most people bring a lunch and the rest run out to fetch a sandwich.
  3. We all eat out at lunch together every day. I find that its a good bonding activity and a good way to find out what's happening in the company. One or two people occasionally bring their lunch and don't join, but nobody's feelings are hurt. If you don't want to go out, just be honest and tell them that you're trying to save a little money.
  4. most of the people at my job bring their lunch, and they are usually frozen dinners. like lean cuisine etc.
  5. Most of the people eat in because the lunchroom is packed from 12-2. Don't fall into the pressure of having to join them. Simply bring a sack lunch and save your money. Maybe you can join them on paydays?
  6. deciding on lunch is sometimes hard.

    here at my company were about 9 people total. me and another gal always used to eat lunch together. we first started by always going out. until we decided lets just bring lunch and eat in the conference room. so we decided that and it worked and we also decided lets just go out and eat every Friday. this plan was good. where we didnt have to spend to much.

    anyways she has left the company and im pretty much the only gal in the office. the other gal is part time. so i go home and eat lunch with DF. we usually make extra food / or buy food from the previous nite for dinner and make sure we have something to eat for lunch.
  7. I agree, just let them know...if you want to keep the bonding, go once a week or once every two weeks.
  8. Bringing packed lunch or a sandwich can save you a lot but as twinkle said you can join them once in a while so that you can have time to bond with them. :smile:
  9. Oh, Jesus, take the wheel...

    At my old job, there were only about seven of us there on staff. We were part of a much larger company but our local office only had about seven employees. A few of them would go out to eat with each other almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. Usually, I'd come home and take a short doze or something, as I lived about four minutes away from the job and could easily fit in a half-hour or forty-minute siesta. Or my BF would come by and get me and we'd go someplace, or I'd meet him someplace for lunch, or I'd even go to where he worked and eat with him in their cafeteria. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a month, I'd join my coworkers, but when they noticed I was so reluctant to go with them for lunch (and it wasn't for financial reasons) they pretty much stopped coming by my office and asking me. I especially hated going when my former boss was also there. To this day I cannot stand that B but that is a different story altogether. The thing I hated about having lunch with coworkers was that as long as I was somewhere with them it was exactly like work, and I would return to the job feeling as if I hadn't even had a break. I mean, if my boss was there she wanted to make it into a "working lunch" and discuss clients and classes and all that BS and to hell with that, so I just stopped going altogether. Gimme a break. If you don't want to go with them, don't pressure yourself.
  10. Some of us bring packed lunches, some buy from the cafe but most of us still sit together to eat it in the cafe, though.

    Sometimes a small group will go out for lunch but there's no pressure. However, there are hundreds of employees there and people know various people.

    However, in your situation....being new in a fairly small office, I think it would depend. If they seem to feel negatively towards you not eating with them and/or if everyone there is really close, I would eat with them at least until you start to feel like you're becoming part of the company.

    As sucky as it may be....sometimes you have to make sacrifices for a smoother road in the future, you know? And it really really does depend on your office's culture.
  11. I go to dental school...we have a 20-minute-break and i could choose from Jack in the Box, Burger King, Mexican Food, Starbucks, deli sandwiches, and anything you could find in a liquor store....not that much of an exciting lunch.
  12. I don't work, but when I did, because I dealt with people all day long, I'd go hide in the back room and eat my lunch alone... usually reading a good book for that time.

    You need to be honest with your co-workers... just tell them you have student loans to pay and prefer to save the money. Easy, honest and no-one feels you are snobby.

    Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
  14. Just don't go with them. They'll understand. It's something THEY like to do and if they are mature people, they shouldn't expect you to do it too if it's inconvenient for you.

  15. I agree. The job I have now I work all over the place, but when I used to work in an office I would often go out and pick up a quick lunch and then read a book in the lunch room. I liked to take my mind off of work, but I wasn't too fond of the job either. Sometimes I'd bring my lunch too. My brother I think eats out lunch every day with his coworkers but he works all over the city. I say do whatever makes you happy. I've been in situations before where I didn't eat lunch like the majority of the office, but hey, it's my life.