Does Your White Stitching Get Grubby??

  1. I really love all the bags with contrast white stitching - especially the most common variations, which seem to be on gold & BJ. But it's got me to thinking on whether there are any long-term issues with the thread. Does it get grubby on the handle? Have you ever (god forbid!) spilled food etc on your birkin? I imagine it would just wipe off the leather, but what if you got ketchup on the stitching? :wtf: Is it teflon-coated or something?

    I guess it may be possible to send your baby back for re-stitching but it's not something I'd be happy about. Obviously i can be a bit of a grot so I have to consider these "hardiness" issues. :supacool:
    So, can any of you ladies who have had such bags for a while please share your experiences?
  2. So far so good with mine. I've had my BJ Evelyne since summer and the stitching is still perfectly white. It is a shoulder bag which helps but I do generally rest a hand on it when carrying and it's fine. My Picotin has white stitching on the underside of the handle (the part that's caramel) so I will see how it does since it is such a hand carry kind of bag. I've been using it steady for a few weeks and it is perfect so far. :flowers:
  3. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    I need a teflon coated, armor plated bag. Then it won't matter if I spill or walk into parked cars, etc.

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has realistic worries about this subject!
  4. I have a black box kelly with white stitching and so far so good,but I do worry that it will turn and look bad.
  5. i think even if you have dark leather and dark stitching, ketchup is sort of an enormous problem. oh i'm going to have nightmares tonight!
  6. In some spots the white stitching on my Birkin has become a little dirty and that has come from normal handling, even though I don't use it everyday. It has occurred on some areas of the handle and the front flap of the bag :sad: I'll have to ask the craftswoman at BH about this.
  7. :roflmfao:

    I'm so with you there.

    I think I was born a klutz too, which makes it even harder to keep my bags pristine.
  8. Hey, thanks for bringing that up. I would like to know as well... I am a klutz :push:
  9. J - when the craftmen stitch the bags, they run the thread through beeswax, so it has a sort-of coating to it. But this can wear away, and the stitching can get grubby. Having said that, you can have pieces re-stitched, and the pieces I have with white stitching are so far, so good!!

    So, what's going throught YOUR mind....hey????? LOL!!!
  10. Great thread xquisite, I was wondering about the same thing. I considered attempting to special order a gold birkin with gold stitching to sidestep the issue, but the white stitching looks so great on a gold birkin, I think I'll take my chances and hope the beeswax holds up.
  11. I have a gold Kelly with white stitching and you have highlighted an area that I secretly fret about. Now it's winter, I wear gloves which I feel protects the handles but I worry that my bare hands will gradually make the handle stitching grubby. I tend to wear the Kelly on the crook of my elbow as much as possible to keep the handle away from my hands. I don't want to tie a twilly around the handle as I am worried about marking that; so far I haven't washed or dry-cleaned any of my scarves, too frightened.

    Does anyone know if gold leather ever comes with matching stitching or would it HAVE to be a special order, like mizzle, I too would be interested in this option?
  12. I have 3 H bags with white contrast stitching (I love constrast stitching) ... well, I don't consider them as grubby, but they are not pristine white either. Even if they get dirtier from what they are now, I won't worry.
  13. my bj birkin which is a staple to my wardrobe does not seem to be grubby in anyway... now i know she was at the spa but i had never noticed anything wrong with the stitching.... kelly in gold has not been used enough but i have a feeling hermes would have checked into this before production and if people where bring this to there attention they would have changed the white stitching to the colour of the bag?:smile:
  14. :wtf: But that's the beauty of the white constrast stitching - to show the detailing of the hand sewn stitches!
  15. good point Mrss
    I think b/c my bag is so new I am still very precious about it, I almost need to give it a little bump to get over my awe! (bit like a new car, I always feel better after a first little nudge - shush, don't tell the DH) I will remember the point of the contrast stitches next time I'm fretting...thanks