Does Your Wallet Match Your Purse?

  1. I was wondering how many of us have matching wallets & purses? Now that I got the Damier canvas purse, it didn't look right with my old black Gucci zippy wallet so had to get the Damier long wallet. :shame:
  2. I'm so broke after recent purchase of a Damier Berkeley----I'll be carrying my Mono French purse and Mono checkbook holder for a long time, unless I win the lottery.:banned:
  3. i just use my pomme small agenda for a wallet most times. i have used it with my neverfull, mc alma, and fuschia perfo speedy (although i just had a baby so i dont get much use out of my hand held bags much anymore) i love pomme, i think it goes well with a lot!
  4. I'm carrying my Cabas Mezzo with my mono porte-tresor wallet, so yes, I match!
  5. No ! And I like it that way. I use my beige eldrige for all my bags, it's just too much effort to switch, and it looks good with most anything anyways ! :yes:
  6. Ugh, I do have a Mahina wallet to match my lovely Mahina that I'm carrying today...but I felt icky last night so I just left everything in my violette french purse. But I did put the violette lock & key fob on the front of the Mahina so I can pretend like I'm coordinating.
  7. I agree with BetseyLover...I just bought the pomme zippy for the same reason. I not only adore pomme, but I think it look good with any other LV bag I decide to buy:love:
  8. I do match (all mono)... but I think I am going to buy a damier bag sometime this year... so then I won't match (because there is no way I am spending that much $ on another wallet)
  9. No...I just use my mono zippy wallet with everything...I have way too many things in my wallet and too litle time to change things around. I was thinking about the vernis wallet since I just bought a new zippy exactly like the one I have (I just want a newer one)...but I guess mono is a bit more resistant.
  10. I guess I'm all over the place today (stinkin' flu!) so no, I don't match today ... using my trusted damier speedy 30 (because it's raining) and MC white Alexandra ... looks okay together, I think, LOL! IDK, my heads all cloudy. But most of the time I do match ... ugh! sorry ... rambling.
  11. I use my mono PTI with my mono as well as my Damier.
  12. I keep most everything Mono and it all matches on the inside. I am getting the new Mirroir heart and makeup case...then I wont match. I am also liking alot of the new Pomme items too so my inside will be a mishmash LOL!
  13. AS you can see.. nope.. my accessories do not match my bag!! LOL

  14. I use my mono zippy wallet with everything. I love mono and I think it's just goes with everything.
  15. I actually don't have an LV wallet yet so I am using my Coach wallet that matches my Coach bag... LOL And it's the ONLY wallet I own. Sad huh?

    I plan on getting the mono zippy or the eugenie wallet in the future...

    This is my wallet: