Does your wallet match your bag?

  1. Hello there! I was wondering if your wallet matches your bag?
    I'm looking to a buy a Soho Signature bag, which has the regular size C's logo, but the Soho wallet is in the Mini Signature, but in the same color combination. Or do you think I should go with a solid color? Thoughts? Thanks so much! :yes:
  2. Sadly, my wallet does not match. I'd like it to, but instead of buying the matching wallet I want, I've been buying more bags!:shame:

    I'd say go with whatever you like. I don't think there is a cardinal rule stating your wallet must match your bag! If it were me, I'd probably get a color that matches most of the bags in my collection. I just don't have the funds to buy a matching wallet with every bag!:sad:
  3. i never match my bags and wallets...when i'm carrying coach i may have a few coach pieces inside (card case, mini skinny, or wristlet), but my primary wallet is my lv damier koala, and i've been wearing it out; i rarely change.
  4. I'm one of those weirdos that feels "off" until i have a wallet to match any new bag. I don't usually try to match too "hard," but I try to get similar items. I have a red leather wallet to go with my red leather Novak, I have a black and tan with silver hardware wallet to go with my black/silver coach bags, and I have the zebra print with brass hardware wallet to match my tan suede daphne. I spent ages trying to find just the right wallet to go with the daphne (alas, all the daphne wallets were long gone from the stores and the distribution center and ebay), and snatched the zebra wallet when I found one for a decent BIN price on ebay.
    I don't need my stuff to be precisely the same pattern or material, but I want the hardware to be the same color (golden or silver) and the general coloring of the wallet to match or complement the bag. It used to be esay when I only ever bought black bags, but since I started branching out to other colors it's gotten a lot harder!
  5. I like things to match, but, overall, no, it's not something I HAVE to do. However, sometimes, it will just bug me so much to have a weird combo, like a pink bag and an orange wallet, so, I'll switch to something else. But, I have a TON of wallets, so, it's never a prob. I'd love to get a matching wallet for every purse, but, then I'd be even more broke then I am now! :lol:
  6. Well my COACH wallet is the only nice one I have and it doesnt match all my bags, but thats okay. Doesnt look too shabby, lol.
  7. I have the coach white signature wallet...& no it doesn't match w/ my bags but since it's white it doesn't look too bad.
  8. I have too many wallets: Coach brown patchwork, black leather kate spade, black leather marc jacobs... I used to be more into co-ordinating.

    But in February when I got my LV multicolor Koala (see my icon), I realized that I will probably never need to buy another wallet again. I'm still in love with that thing, and I don't care if it matches.
  9. My wallet doesn't match my bags. I plan on getting either a LV mono or damier PTI and after that I don't plan on buying another wallet for a LONG time.
  10. I do not match my wallet to my bag...I change bags to often....and ALSO like to spend the money on another bag!
  11. It would take forever for me to have to switch out wallets, and besides, I pick them out based on their "Can I find it in my bag?" qualities. So right now I'm using a mandarin Epi French purse, though I do have my eye on a fuschia Bearn next.
  12. I hate changing out wallets - it takes forever! I use my LV mono wallet constantly with every bag!
  13. I only have one wallet and Ive had it for years now. Its the Coach Signature Black Checkbook Wallet. ^_^ It goes with alot of my bags because their all black.
  14. Sadly my wallet does not match my bag.
  15. I try to get the wallet that matches my bag, but if I can't I try to at least match the color.