Does your tobacco paddy from NAP has serial number?

  1. I just received my tobacco paddy today from NAP, I love it.
    but I could not find the serial number , Does anyone find the serial number?
  2. Congrats!! I received my Tobacco Paddy yesterday and I love it. This is my first Paddy and I don't even know where the serial number would be. Hopefully more experienced gals will tell you. Post pics if you can.
  3. The serial number should be in the inside zipper pocket on the side. Hope that helps:smile:
  4. Dear Missypoo And Zhengyulu:
    I've Found Mine On The Inner Pocket Of The Right Hand Side For Tobacco, Left Side For Aubergine And It Is Funny Why It Is So Inconsisent?!
    Check-out Yours And See If You May Find Them, You Just Have To Carefully Touch The Side Of The Inner Pocket To Find Them...
    Hope This Info Helps...
    Thank You And Can I Trouble You To Share Your Experience On The Tobacco From Nap Regarding Some Of My Concerns?
    I Posted A Thread In-searching Of Help......... Some Expert Ladies Has Given Me Some Assurance And Comfort But I Am Going To Post My Pictures (when Dh Goes To Sleep) And Get More Advs Too?!
  5. Yes, if you turn the inside zipper pocket inside out you should be able to see the date stamp.

    It should be noted that not all paddingtons come with this stamp. I bought my 2006 choco directly from the Chloe store in Manhattan and it does not have this stamp.
  6. Good call Audrey! I forgot exactly how inconsistent the Chloe's are.

    Ladies, NAP would not sell you a fake, so rest assured that you can enjoy your bags with wild abandon! :nuts: :upsidedown:

  7. Agreed hmwe!! I know some of you ladies are concerned because this is your first venture into Chloe but there are soooo many inconsistencies with the paddington. NAP is an authorized Chloe dealer (as pointed out in another post, they are linked directly from Chloe's website.) Please do not worry!! I have never heard of NAP carrying a fake of any brand - ever. :smile: