Does your Tiffany lock pendant open on you accidently?

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  1. I have been dropping some major hints (well, maybe we can call it blatant and obvious suggestions) to my DH about what I want for valentines day: a "naughty & nice" lock pendant from question to you ladies who have a lock pendant is does it open up on you? I would hate to lose it due to it popping open on me or something!! Thanks!
  2. I have the RTT heart lock pendant and it has never opened up on me. The spring or whatever it is holding it shut is pretty strong.
  3. I have the older style lock that does not open. If it is a concern, maybe you can check and see if any of the older ones are still available.

    I do have the lock watch and it has come open a few times on my bracelet.
  4. I have a lock pendant & it's never opened on me.
  5. thanks for the responses!! I really hope to get this as a gift and if not, I'll just buy it for myself :P
  6. Hey, Kitsune, there's a lock pendant that doesn't open? I have one dated from 2007 I wear on a chain sometimes and it opens the normal way. Not by itself thought. Does the clasp on the necklace hook onto the "arm" of the lock?
  7. The older lock is just a solid piece; it just slips onto a chain like a pendant.
    I purchased mine in 2006. It is the 18k version, so it probably hung around for a while before I got my greedy hands on it.
  8. A friend of mine had a heart lock on a bracelet, and somehow it opened and she lost it not too long after buying it. She went back to Tiffany's, not expecting much from them, and they gave her a new one. What customer service!!

    This is when the lock charms first came out, so maybe they have perfected them since?
  9. I put mine on my bracelet and it has opened and fallen off. Luckily I always found it. I dont recommend hanging it on a bracelet.
  10. My sister has a bracelet with the initial lock. She had it soldered shut by another jeweler.
  11. You can't find the ones that don't open in the stores anymore, maybe on ebay if you're lucky. Use superglue or if you don't want to do it yourself ask Tiffany's to superglue it for you.
  12. I'm thinking if I do get it, putting it on a chain wont get as much "traffic" so to speak, as a bracelet would (even though I did contemplate putting it on either my heart tag or round tag bracelets at first)? I would definitely just keep it on a chain and hope for the best!
  13. I had 4 lock charms on my bracelet and lost my final one yesterday on my birthday!!
    What a waste of $$$!! I am so mad :cursing::mad:
  14. I had the initial lock on my charm bracelet and looked down one day and it was not there! I was upset, but I went to tiffany's and they sent me a brand new one for no charge. I had it for about 6 months or so, but always wore it as a necklace. I had only worn it on the bracelet twice. I will not wear this one on a bracelet again unless I get it soldered on
  15. Yes, it comes off. I had mine for about a week and it fell off, luckly I found it but since I only wear it on a chain.