Does your Spy "squeak?"

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  1. Hi Spy girls,

    I just received a dark brown spy from NM, and I am lil disappointed b/c the metal part on the pocket literally "squeaks" when I move it around...

    is this what's suppose to happen?
  2. Yes, my Honey Spy does the same thing...I hate it! I feel that when I open it and I'm with someone, I'm self conscious of it! I want to spray it with some sort of lubricant, but I am scared of getting some on the precious leather! It is for that reason that I invested in a Fendi Spy Hobo, with the zip closure. The leather is still awesome, but the Hobo looks huge on me and I have that one listed on eBay.
  3. Have to say my spys do not squeak. If it bothers you take it back to the shop for an exchange, they should do that.
  4. Mine doesn't squeak. You should definitely exchange it if it bothers you!
  5. Squeak?! That sounds awful! None on mine.
  6. mine is so far so good,, definitely exchange it
  7. Yep. Mine squeaks. Just add it to the list of Spy problems.
  8. Mine squeaks too but I can deal w/it. I love my green 05 spy and wouldn't give it up for anything!
  9. Yup. Sometimes I notice it, other times, I don't. I'm just like, hey, you're a "Spy" bag, if you make noise, you'll blow your cover! Maybe it's trying to tell me something...
  10. Mine don't squeak, and I use two of them frequently.
  11. suggestion-- maybe you could spray wd40 on a tiny brush & apply it to the hardware with that to avoid getting it on the leather...
  12. Mine squeaks sometimes. Not randomly when I'm carrying it, only when I'm really playing around with the spy compartments a bit. I actually think it's kinda cute :shame: LOL