Does your spouse approves your love for LV?

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  1. I make money, too, so I can spend it without any objection from my DH. When I sell a house (I'm in real estate business) and get my commission, I would rush to a local LV store and buy one. He doesn't complain because he knows I work so hard.
  2. My DH supports what I love. If it makes me smile, he's all for it. He even wanted to go with me the last time I went to Saks LV. I was shocked...he has learned to skip my shopping trips but he wanted to go:P. Now if I could just get him to buy me one! Fat chance:lolots:
  3. I'm not in a relationship right now, but when I was, they supported my love of LV since it makes me happy. In the same way, I supported their various "obsessions" like WoW and electronics.
  4. He supports me, but all of the purchases i've had are either from my family or myself. He's so simple so Louis Vuitton isn't a big deal to him..but he has told me that he's more than willing to make some purchases for me when the time is right :smile:
  5. My DH's so really very supportive b/c I'm also be a great supportive to his obsession too..about car and watch which are more expensive than bag.

  6. My think that I am nuts too, but he deals with it because it makes me happy and when momma happy, everyone is happy!!!
  7. My bf never really said anything negative about my love addiction for designer purses. But sometimes it kinda irritates him if I want another handbag shortly after getting one previously. He often questions me how come I need so many purses and some of them I don't even use but he usually gives in if I beg for one. He thinks I only deserve new handbags on special occasions so only a few for me each year. Overall, he's very supportive and understanding, especially since I'm still a college student and currently not working, he's the one funding for all of my purchases.
  8. Not so much!! I wish he did though! I am a Very loyal LV lalaLuVer!! Takes him a lil bit to get over the cost!! =) What to do
  9. My DH fell in love with LV ever since I got him his first LV Damier wallet in 2005! Since then he buys me LV as presents as surprises or for anniversary and occasions. (I dun like flowers/jewelry tt much... just LV/dior/gucci bags will do) We even got our daughter an LV HL mini sac as her first present before she was even born!
  11. My husband doesn't care really. He already knows the deal.
  12. I have been pretty fortunate with my care free life or the world I have created around me. Not many things "wow" me... The thought of returning to st Lucia or coming home to my cat and watching my dog get sööoö excited to see me is comparable to the feeling I get while wandering through LV and picking out a new bag. He loves to watch me wander through the store, touching every bag, how I always model each one I like... I act like a silly girl :smile: when I'm home, I am most often covered in mud or have paint iny hair, face with dirt constantly under my fingernails. I'm actually laying in the back of our truck with my dog right now, he is driving. We on a valentine road trip to a winter lake cabin In north Idaho. Last year he took me to Paris. Yuck, my dog just farted!!!
  13. I only have a boyfriend, rather than a spouse, and I work part-time as well as go to school - so whatever I buy I do buy with my own money. He just rolls his eyes and laughs it off whenever I tell him about something new I'm lusting over, or how much I spent on something - but I don't think he'd ever get angry and tell me to stop.
  14. My husband encourages it! HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE!
  15. He's weakness's far out weigh my handbag obsession. So he just laughs mine off. But does seem to enjoy my girly side.