Does your spouse approves your love for LV?

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  1. Mine is fantastic about it, even encourages it, of course that probably takes a bit of the guilt away since he spends more on his watch collection and cars, oh yeah and his new hobby with a remote control helicopter with our son, that is not cheap!
  2. Im lucky, my SO doent realize how expensive it is. He knows its LV, that's about it.
  3. He supports it fully, but he doesn't think the bags are as gorgeous as some other lines.
  4. My fiance thinks I'm nuts, but if its my money, he most likely wont say anything. We are still new enough, that I can pretend that I already owned it and not get a ration of grief, but I wish he would understand. He has NOTHING he wants to spend money on, not golf, not food, not cars, nothing. He just don't care about stuff or even events. He just wants to sit at home, play a video game (maybe), play with the dogs, and strum his guitar. That makes him perfectly content. Myself, on the other hand, love love love bags. My mom jokes because starting when I was two, I wouldn't leave the house without a matching purse :smile:. Who knew hah.
  5. My husband is worse than me!

    He buys most of my bagsfor me, and he does have pretty good taste too!
    Some TPF members metb my DH at Short Hills mall a while back, he was there alone browsing to purchase me a bag!
  6. My sweetie does understand. I recently shared my wishlist with him and he approves of my "savings plan" to make my LV wishes come true!:nuts::nuts:
  7. My DH totally supports my LV obsession. He will go as far as even selecting a LV he likes better on me
  8. Wow, I am so happy for you ladies. I think it's great when your SO shares or supports your passion, even if that passion is a little bit expensive.:smile:

    I will try to introduce the wonderful world of Louis Vuitton to my DH. He is really into fine things, but I guess bags are just not in that category for him.:s
  9. I don't have a spouse, but I do have a SO. He doesn't approve of how $$$ LV is. He always says thing's like "I can get you a Fouis Vuitton for $50", lol.

    I throw it back in his face that his $200 per week gas bill for his Range Rover is ridiculous. He loves his cars, I love my bags!
  10. My husband is fine with it. When we met I told him about my handbag addition and his reply was " that is not a deal breaker " We are always on the LV website ( Well, I am and he just look and say " that is nice honey " ) and he just let me be me!!!
  11. My DH doesn't care for designer stuff. As long as I buy my own, he doesn't say anything.
  12. My DH just sort of got used to it, even though I do work and pay for all of those expensive unnecessary things....
    I don't think he really approves, and I don't tell him the price either. But the other day, he complimented me on a bag so maybe he is getting used to it. He does have his thing too---he is very into cars and all kinds of tools. He will not even think about it when buying more tires----just in case and more tools---just in case. And I got used to that as well.....
  13. My husband is so cool about it, but he definitely thinks I am nuts. I actually just told him I have another bag coming tomorrow and he just rolled his eyes. It is definitely my addiction.
  14. Amen! He even enables me on occasion!
  15. I don't have a spouse but my BF is slowly getting used to it. At least he likes LV over other brands.