Does your spouse approves your love for LV?

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  1. I am not sure if there is already a topic on this, but I was just curious how your spouse reacts to your addiction/love for LV? I just ordered my first LV bag and kind of afraid to even show it to him. :nuts: I don't think he would approve. Even though he would probably be OK after I have a conversation with him on how I saved for it, and how I deserve it, :sweatdrop: but I am thinking to start my collection and don't really know how to handle my DH in this situation. He doesn't share my love for expensive bags.:s
  2. He totally supports me and my LV addiction
  3. Approve? Not like totally approve, but he tries to understand that everybody obssesses in different things.
  4. My Dh hasn't always been supportive, but I am so excited because we got some extra money from taxes--He is actually taking me to the boutique to buy a bag.
  5. My DH didn't really "get it" before we were married. My mom and SIL both love LV so that has helped the situation. He was even sweet enough to go to Bloomies to buy me one.
  6. DH thinks spending hundreds on handbags is just silly. But we both work and make good money. I remind him that he has his golf "club" that he pays dues to belong to. He also rides in a Mardi Gras parade every year which costs a good amount of money. He goes to LSU games every weekend during football season and pays for those season tickets, etc. (guess I'm giving away our location, huh? ;P) And this year he went to the Super Bowl in Miami so I'm planning a NICE something for myself. He's been thanking me profusely and I've heard numerous times from friends that I'm a fantastic wife for letting him take his lifelong best friend. After hearing all that, I'm getting a nice wishlist in the works! LOL!

    The things he does, he pays for without blinking but enjoys. But they're not tangible. So I just remind him that I spend my money in different ways. As long as we are comfortable and can afford these things, he doesn't bother me about it. Yeah - he'll still roll his eyes when I buy a new pair of shoes or a purse b/c he doesn't think I "need" any more....a girl really only needs one in his mind. LMAO!! But he leaves me alone b/c he doesn't really have an argument other than he doesn't "get" it. We both have our "things" and that's just fine.
  7. My bf doesn't really understand why I like LV, he was totally against it when I told him how I wanted to buy this LV belt last fall. He was complaining why I should get a belt for over $400 when I can get one for less. But he ended up buying it for me as Xmas present this past Xmas, and I was very surprised! =)
  8. Very wise of you! Your situation is perfect. :smile:
  9. he's warmed up to it! haha
  10. I guess so... :smile:

    He's bought me LVs and loves coming with me to pick my new bag etc... but sometimes when I bring home a new purchase (esp after I've just bought one the week before..) I get that look... the look that says "I want to remind you that we're saving up for our trip, but I won't because I love you, and see how happy and excited you are so I won't burst your bubble"........

    .... the same look I give him when he brings home 2 new guitars and a new 100watt valve amp :P
  11. Yeah, I guess it just takes time to MAKE them get used to it. :P
  12. He tolerates my love for expensive bags. I don't hide things from him.
  13. My boyfriend is tolerates with my love for designer purses. At first, he thought that Chanel was ridiculously overpriced -- until he went out of his way to research it & bought me my 1st Chanel this past Christmas. :love:

    As long as it looks good (in his eyes) & the price is acceptable, then he doesn't mind. :cool: I'm glad that he gives me a second opinion on the bags I want!
  14. My bf has never said one negative thing about the $$ I spend on bags, & I'm truly grateful! He is very supportive & helps me choose new bags (just yesterday he helped me evaluate buying a Tivoli GM, a Palermo PM, or a dentelle BH). & if I tell him I'm thinking of selling one of my bags, he'll be like, "Noo, I like that one! Don't sell it!" hehehe
  15. My DH supports my love for LV and I support his love for cycling/skiing.