Does your SO use your (or his own!) cosmetics?

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  1. I'm nosy :P because I've just been talking to a lady friend on the phone who has been mouthing that her friend's husband uses her moisturiser (this I can take and good for him, too) but apparently he uses her eye balm, foundation and a little bit of mascara :wtf:, too!

    OK when my fiance comes to my house, he uses my La Mer The Mist as his aftershave and may be sometimes La Mer Moisturising Lotion. What does your SO take from your makeup shelf/cupboard/table and I'm wondering whether it is so normal nowadays for men to be sharing your mascara, foundation, blusher and eyeshadow!
  2. My SO uses my Clinique Moisterizing Lotion and that's it. He actually has more hair care and skin care item than I do so more often than not, I end up borrowing his stuff.
  3. I hate it when men do this!!!:wtf:
    be either str8 either gay!
  4. Am I the only person who likes metro guys?:sweatdrop:
  5. I couldn't imagine my boyfriend doing that, just because he's so big, manly in the typical way, and not metro at all. I just giggled at thought of him trying to use my Bare Escentuals stuff with his big, clumsy man-hands lol I wouldn't mind if he did though, he could definitely use a good moisturizer! :yes:
  6. me too. mine adopts products i don't use anymore then repurchases when they run out, so i borrow the repurchase sometimes. does that count? and we have completely different skin types (he's oily/acne, i'm sahara dry) so when i break out, i steal his stuff. mine is hardcore in the closet about his metro-ness, although he definately draws the line at make up/manis. :supacool:
  7. No, Dh doesn't use any of my lotions, cosmetics, etc. We have dual sinks in the bathroom and our own cabinets underneath. He never gets into my cabinet for anything, except maybe to ck. for more toothpaste.

    LOL, I would totally trip out if dh wanted to use some of my mascara, or feminine smelling lotions, or whatever..:yes:

    We actually buy 2 different types of soaps. I like Caress for me. He'll buy Zest or Lever 2000. It's funny cuz we'll run out of Caress and my daughter will say...(she's gonna be 8, btw).."Mom I need more soap.." I'm like, "..there's no more??" Then she'll say, "only boy soap." LOL! Silly kid...(Then of course I go to my side under the sink and hand her another bar of Caress).:upsidedown:
  8. I LOVE metro guys!
  9. Me too!:love:
  10. My hubby doesn't use any of that stuff. He would wash his hair with bar soap if he needed to. LOL.
    He does like his cologne though and keeps his nails well groomed. Thats just fine with me.
  11. DH doesn't touch anything of mine. He has his AXE spray, electric razor- so he's good to go.
  12. I work at a makeup counter, so I always make my current boyfriend use my brand's cleanser and moisturizer.
  13. My husband uses my face lotions and he uses his own foundation. He would probably use mine but we are two different shades! LOL

    I love guys who take care of themselves. He doens't look like a girl he only uses it to cover blemishes. I appreciate that he wants to look good for me. It's hot!
  14. i love metro guys :heart:

    my bf would take my evian moisturizer..thats it....
    he is soo cute :love:
    he loves his cologne, its D&G pour homme....
    i love that smell.....
    he has like three big bottles at one time
    he cares for his hair, nails are well groomed...
    but i dont think he will borrow my make up, lol i barely wear makeup myself :biggrin:
  15. My DH uses nothing of mine except maybe my philosophy body wash once in a while. I used to date a guy who spent a lot of time moussing and spraying his hair and wore foundation to cover his spots. He was totally hetero but frankly it weirded me out. I'm old-school I guess.