Does your SO/spouse know how much your bbag cost?

  1. I am scared to death to tell him how much my work bag cost, recommendation on what to tell him?
  2. Hell MF no!
  3. My husband knows how much my bags cost! After being a handbag addict so long I think he has definitely become used to it! LOL I say, if your SO doesn't ask then don't tell but if he does want to know then good luck to ya!
  4. Yep, my hubby know exactly how much every one of my Bbags cost.
  5. :roflmfao:, reovi!

    yeah, unfortunately my bf knows the price of them.

    i'd say don't tell him if you don't need to but it depends on the guy. my bf doesn't bother me about what i like. he has his toys and i have mine! :P
  6. :lol: my bf knows that my b-bags are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ but he doesnt know the exact price!!! he just thinks, "oh geez, theres another one"

    just say, something or tell the truth... the truth does hurt - but i think lying is worse!

    good luck!!!
  7. ditto (he knows they're around $1K) ^^ :angel:
  8. I know, he WILL ask. Coz he'll say, wow, this bag is gorgeous, and out of habit, he'll say, how much is it?

    He didn't yell at me when I bought home my betty, granted i got like over $1000 off.
  9. my fiance knows that I am addicted to bags...and he knows how much my bags I dont have probs telling him that I got a new bag...;)

    i would have to agree on the other ladies of telling your hubby the truth :angel: ;)
  10. I think you should tell him the truth. Our Significant others should know what is important in our lives.
  11. yeppers, it's always better to tell the truth :angel:
  12. ^^^ Yes, it is! However, I fudge a it is not as painful!
  13. If asked directly, tell the truth followed by the phrase "and I love it sooo much. It makes me so happy so I know it is worth every penny."

    Or you could say "I would tell you but then I would have to kill you."

    If not asked directly, there is no reason to tell.
  14. well the bf knows and doesn't love it but it isn't his money that i'm spending, it is my hard-earned, bbag cash! and i agree with jennifer, he has his toys and i have mine!
  15. Hmmm, not to the dollar amount... he's gotten used to my LV budget, so as long as I don't buy more than one bag a season, he doesn't freak out too much! (Well, I do go to work for a reason! Can't save every penny ;) )