Does your SO spoil you?

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  1. I don't mean does he buy you things. Is he just really sweet and sometimes you forget how lucky you are to have him? I'm currently eating a delicious sandwich that my boyfriend made for me even though we're both busy studying. He's also very free with the massages and he rarely ever gets mad at me, even though I get cross frequently. Anyone else have fantastic sometimes underappreciated SOs?
  2. :love: that's sweet....

    I'm one lucky girl, too! I have a patient, hardworking and funny man as a partner in life.... doesn't get any better than that :smile:
  3. I do too
    i have a short temper and sometimes take it out on him..I really shouldnt! He would cook too even if he was tired from work..and do lots of sweet stuff for me =)
  4. My DH is sweet to me but he doesn't take too much sh*t!! He will definately "fight back" if I get too mouthy. I really respect him for that!
  5. Yes. I married a Living Saint. I'm not even going to start, I would sit here all night, writing paeans of praise to him. I will limit myself to answering the question again. Yes.
  6. Yep, I am a lucky girl, but I like to think that I treat him just as nicely back. It works best both ways ;)
  7. me too
  8. Yes, my husband spoils me. Right now I'm drinking coffee that was waiting for me by the computer when I woke up :heart:
  9. My SO definitely spoils me. Last night he cleaned my whole kitchen, which is no small feat. He's really great about doing nice things for me... making pancakes early in the morning, brewing coffee for me before he leaves for work so I'll have a fresh pot when I wake up, etc.
  10. I'm lucky because my SO does sweet little things for me all the time. He might make me food and have it waiting when I wake up on the weekends or have dinner ready during the week when I get home from work if he's had the day off. He'll also come home all the time with little gifts and trinkets that the buys for no reason, simply because he thought they would make me smile. :P

    But the reason why I feel so lucky to have him is the fact that he loves me, he'll always have my back even if we disagree on something, he's my best friend and I can tell him anything. We're getting married next October and sometimes I almost burst into tears when I think about how happy I am that we're going to be husband and wife. :yes:
  11. Yes he does! In fact, my mom has told me that she is so jealous of me because she wishes that my dad would spoil her like that! (And my dad spoils my mom like CRAZY. but my dad is a very jealous man and therefore, my mom cant do alot of things that luckily, my husband allows me to do.)

    He can never stay mad at me and he always cooks for me, helps me with the laundry and the kids. He will let me sleep in after he comes home from a night shift so that I can recuperate from being up with the kids, and although he definently wishes my handbag and accessories hobby were WAY more cheaper, he never says no and actually goes and works overtime just to make me happy. :smile: I :love: him!!
  12. My bf is very hardworking, which takes him away from the house from pretty much the late morning until late at night. (his only day off is Xmas!!) If he comes home and I am in bed sleeping, he will rub my back and make sure the covers are over me (I have a tendancy to kick them off) Its all the little sweet things he does that makes me realize how lucky I am to have him! He's always been good to me, making sure I am well cared for and I have everything I need and (mostly) everything I want. He is a PHB to the extreme though! haha
  13. simpley yes.. he is sooo sweet and considerate and aLWAYS does lil things for me..

    when he was in paris he would write me lil msgs in the shower mirror... hed tidy up when i got home.. he just does lil things.. i really forget how wonderul he is sometimes..
  14. for sure! had a little too much wine last night and he's out now getting my hangover cure right now. :smile: he does a great job taking care of me, very thoughtful and sweet.
  15. Hubby has never bought anything expensive for me, I've always bought things myself. But I make more and spend more, I guess! But he makes up for it in other ways. When I came home from Seoul last month after being up for over 24 hours and he was already at work, the place was clean and the fridge was stocked -- which was great because I was starving! He makes a real effort to help keep everything tidy, which is a great help because we both work full time.