Does your significant other understand your handbag obsession?

Dec 14, 2005
I thought this would be an interesting topic.

For some reason my dear hubby does not understand my handbag obsession. He thinks I’m crazy for spending hundreds on purses and hanging out on purse forums. He also likes to laugh at me because my purses all have dust bags. My dh has obsessions of his own; he is obsessed with bow’s (for game hunting) and cars but he seems to think his obsessions are ‘normal’. Is it like this with your significant other?
Yes he does!!! He won't go and purchase them for me because I am nuts, I would tell him its the wrong size, color, style, etc. He is 6'2 and I am 5' he picks everything too large! So he sticks to jewlery for me and sports stuff for him. I guess I am a lucky woman!:love:
The start of this website was because Vlad finally began to understand my obsession. He looked at me one day and said, "For how much time you spend looking at purses everyday, you might as well have a site" And wa-la, the Purse Blog was born. :love:

He understands my obsession now because he has to- and he somewhat shares it with me! It makes it that much more fun for me. Now that doesn't mean he understands my want and need to drop thousands, nor does he usually think he can afford it/me :nuts:
Hmm well I think he knows that I love my hand bags and they are just my thing - my bf loves guitars so each to their own - he only now says he will buy me one a year for my birthday but I always try to get him to chip in LOL

When I have my own house I want to have my own handbag room - that would be soo cool he he
bf ( of 6 months) , does not no the extent of my need for bags ..................but i am pretty sure he would flip a bird when he finds out lol..............He is for ever telling me to "STAY OUTTA THE MALL" lmao
Ohhh my guy gets it allright...infact I think he's happy that something get the attention off his obsession...WATCHES! He has an,and I cant believe I'm saying this, equal obsession with watches. We are always in Harrods, first I patiently wait and give opinions on the watches he wants/drools over/buys in the jewellry hall then we move into the luxury items room and I get my time. At first, I thought it was a ridiculously expensive hobby o have- then I ralised thats what people must think when they look at me! At home he has his watch boxes lined up, and I have my dustbags lined up!
Yes and no...he gets that I love purses and that's my thing, but sometimes he can't figure out why I have to have so many purses.

There are times when I'm shopping for a bag, and he'll say "you already have that style", and proceed to tell me what I already have, and that's cute.

He doesn't get why I'll spend so much money on LV...that blows his mind.
he doesnt get my obsession at all. i once compared the paddy to his beloved flat screen plasma tv and he got all furiuos. he only needs 1 tv so why do i need alot of bags? i told him maybe one day if when we need money we can sell my bags on ebay, so he can think of it as an investment.
My bf doesn't understand my purse fetish neither. He thinks I'm crazy to buy a $600 bag and he doesn't understand why I always show up with a new bag everytime he sees me. Ironically, he wanted to buy me a $1000 stereo system for my car for Xmas. :weird: I told him no thanks but save the money for something else... like get me a paddy or whatever! :lol: But I'm still crazily in love with him no matter what!! :love: :love: :love:
Not really....he does say I have too many bags, though it's not nearly enough! :P Sometimes he gets frustrated because I'll spend a lot of time looking at bags online, and he'll tell me to just buy them all so I'll stop looking :lol: