Does your shoes match your bag?

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  1. Just like to know if you have a Mrytille bag, what colour shoes would you wear?
  2. I wear black shoes with my myrtille speedy.
  3. I wear whatever color shoes matches the bottom of my hemline-- If I wear brown slacks then I wear brown shoes otherwise, black or white or tan.. etc.. the Myrtile is a good color and I wear mine as an accent piece.
  4. I don't match shoes...with solids anyway.
  5. I usually don't match, just coordinate with the whole outfit in mind.
  6. I mostly wear cream, white, brown and pink. So, my shoes are mostly brown. Now I'm having trouble wearing my blue bag. Blue bags doesn't really go with brown shoes!
  7. I think it depends on the rest of your outfit but grey usually looks really good with blue :smile:

  8. Yes. I can definately imagine that! Hmm... Darn, I need a pair of black flat now!
  9. I always put them in the same tone but not same color like I wear mono then I put on brown shoe and I wear white mc pn, I put on my silver flat.
  10. Doesn't have to match.. just coordinate with what u're wearing
  11. Mine never do.:Push:
  12. No, I don't match my shoes...I think it is TACKY when I see Coach lovers wear matching fabric on their shoes and purse. No thanks, not my taste!!!
  13. definitely!!! they have to match!!!!

    best choice for myrtille would be darker colors like black if not myrtille itself :smile:

  14. Man... I don't mean the same fabric and EXACTLY the same colour! Like Damier bags with brown shoes and cream pants and white top... something like that!

    Just imagine head to toe Damier! OMG! :roflmfao:
  15. Yup. Precisely what I'd do.