Does your self-tanner stay on in the sea water?

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  1. We are going to the beach next week and I have been self tanning in preparation for it. Usually I don't end up this 'dark' with self tanner and now I am a little nervous the salty water will wash it away. In the past I have only ever had a light tan to begin with so I've never noticed if it washed away or not.

    Anyone notice your self tanner pulling a disappearing act?
  2. I have never had it happen from seawater. But from chlorinated pool water, yes.
  3. We are staying at a resort where the majority of the time we will be in the sea but I imagine from time to time we will lounge and possibly get into the pool. Is it usually a pretty safe bet that the pool will be a salt water pool and not a chlorinated pool?
  4. IT naturally washes away as your skin exfoliates and with how much you shower. The sea water will somewhat strip the color but honestly you probably won't notice :smile:
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I have a self-tanner on and will be going to the beach next week. I'm not too concerned though since I will be getting a natural tan and probably won't notice my fake tan fading away.
  6. Ha ChiChi must be nice! I do not tan very well naturally. My silly fear is that I will go away to vacation nice and tanned and come back white as a sheet! Ok so not that white but even though I will apply self tanner every few days I will still probably come back lighter in color than when I left.
  7. i think your color will stay just fine. BUT, walking on the sand with wet feet is going to take the sunless tanner right off and you're going to have white feet. It's happened to me and it annoyed the heck outta me. One thing I really hate about sunless tanner. No matter what ya do, the feet never come out right and if they do, they're the first to get messed up.
  8. I do find that swimming and bathing (in chlorine or salt water) will make it fade a little faster. Have you been getting sprayed or doing it yourself? You could always just bring some tanner with you for touch-ups.
  9. I hate the feet! At first my feet look nice and even, but after a few days it gets blotchy and I can never even it out no matter how hard I try. It has to be the worst area!